Tree care and tree trimming experts in Palo Alto will tell you that the best time to trim back branches and limbs is during late winter and early spring. There are several reasons why those are the best times of the year for pruning and trimming your trees. First and foremost, your trees are dormant. This means that there will be less stress for the tree if you trim branches and limbs back during this period. It also gives the tree additional healing time before any disease organisms and insects become active.

While pruning and trimming is best done during dormancy (late winter to early spring), there are circumstances requiring tree removal services in San Jose. Basically, tree removal can be done anytime throughout the year if it is warranted. When temperatures fall dramatically and winter storms are approaching, lifeless branches and limbs can pose a significant threat to your family, home, and property. Although this is primarily a safety issue, here are 5 situations that necessitate removing trees from your property:

Tree pruning services not only benefit the trees on commercial and residential properties but rental properties as well. Property management companies typically employ a staff of individuals who are responsible for the care and maintenance of the rental properties they oversee. When it comes to the care and health of trees, some companies may have people on staff to handle these responsibilities while others will contract a tree care service to deal with these issues.

Saving money and time by pruning and trimming your trees yourself can be tempting.  It can also be extremely dangerous, especially if you lack the experience and expertise of a tree pruning specialist.  However, the primary concern is that inexperienced pruning and trimming can do more harm than good.


California recently suffered through a devastating 5-year drought period which led to the demise of plants, shrubs, and trees in the driest, hardest hit areas of the state.  Most people envision big, tough giants when they think of trees.  They’re present when we’re born and they’ll be around long after we’re gone.  However, trees are not invincible and just like humans; they need nutrients and water in order to survive.

While the trees on your property enhance its overall appearance, there are a number of reasons to consider having them removed from your commercial or residential property.  For instance:

In Bay Area cities and the many densely populated areas around it, winter storms can severely damage and cause a great deal of stress to trees situated on both commercial and residential properties.  A downed tree or one that has snapped and fallen should be removed as soon as possible since this poses a hazardous threat to individuals on or passing through that property.  But what if the damage to any of the trees on your home or office property doesn’t appear to be that significant? Should you call a tree removal specialist to address the issue?

  Every now and then, property owners are confronted with the task of having a tree or trees removed from their property by a professional tree removal service in Palo Alto.  There are a number of reasons for this as well as the factors that can influence the cost involved in removing them.  The removal

While most people place a great deal of value on our home’s curb appeal, there are numerous homeowners who fail to realize how the appearance of the trees on their property contribute to the aesthetics of their property.  For those of you who feel that you could use a little help in that area, a professional tree service may be the ideal solution for maintaining your landscaping.  Unfortunately, some individuals feel that DIY tree service is a great way to save money and time.

Why is Tree Trimming so Important?

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Tree trimming services in Palo Alto and other life extending maintenance is oftentimes neglected for the sake of saving money.  In reality, you are investing in the health and well-being of your trees and their longevity.  Besides the aesthetics involved with tree trimming, it enhances the overall appearance of your property and protects them when you prune and trim your trees.

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