Local Palo Alto tree care pros like those from Bay Area Tree Specialists know very well about the widespread practice of tree topping, a practice that leads to the drastic cutting back of tree branches to stubs, mostly in mature trees. However, while it is done by a lot of people, tree topping actually spews

Thanks to the profusion of DIY TV shows and instruction manuals that tackle basically everything, a lot of people think they could do a many things on their own. One of the most common topics for DIY are tree trimming tasks—tasks that are better left to people like trained San Jose tree care pros who

Over the years, the importance of preserving natural resources and its impact on future generations have been emphasized by both private and government organizations. Therefore, when it’s time to call an arborist in Palo Alto or other localities in California who can deal with a dying or sick tree, most people are held back by

Trees are one of the many natural and organic things that design the world. A tree symbolizes life and beauty, even identical to human life. However, like all other living things, trees die and the once majestic towering wood falls back to the ground that used to nourish it. Then again, old age and disease

In spite of widespread urbanization and a growing population, California still takes the time to care for its trees and forests. Redlands’ Street Tree Committee, for example, currently has big plans in mind for the city’s urban forests and trees, from planting new trees to pruning existing ones. The Committee even plans to update its

Who would have thought that California’s drought would have an upside? While the lack of rain negatively affects farm crops, the want for water actually helps the health of oak trees. In an article for SFGate, reporter Peter Fimrite explains how the state’s ongoing dry spell has reduced the rate of sudden oak death. “The

In many situations, felling a tree is the only way to prevent a potential hazard from happening in a neighborhood. Sometimes, though, felling a tree is, itself, the hazard. The Internet is rife with tree felling blunders that result in more than just the tree falling down. Most of the fellers shown on internet videos

Springtime is nesting season for most birds. Warm temperatures and blooming vegetation provide birds with food and materials for procreation. Trees are the birds’ habitat of choice due to the trees’ multiple benefits: shade, food, and protection, to name some. When considering to trim or cut down a tree in California for safety reasons, it

People accustomed to scenes of wanton logging in the forest may be disheartened to see the stumps that remain after all is said and done. Nevertheless, stumps left behind in forests can just rot away, and it won’t become an eyesore in the area. However, some settings may need to have the tree removed right

Public safety concerns do take precedence when large trees in a community may do more harm than good, for all their ability to shield the ground from sunlight. Bryce Alderton of the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot reports on such a situation in Laguna Beach, California: The Laguna Beach Unified School District recently removed trees and

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