In the Bay Area, we have a great variety of trees…and their respective issues. As a homeowner, you may encounter any one (or two, or three) of them, so be on the lookout for these issues. When you know what to look for, you will be able to remedy the situation earlier instead of later.

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Whenever you are considering removing, trimming, or preserving the integrity of a tree, an arborist report can be one of your most valuable tools.

An arborist is a person who has been trained in the art and science of planting, maintaining, and caring for trees. As a homeowner, you know that proper tree care is an investment and can add value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a hazard and often pose a liability. Since removing trees can be difficult and dangerous work, it should only be done by a tree removal expert in Palo Alto with the assistance of a professional arborist report.

As human beings, we understand the role of a balanced diet for health and wellness. The same holds true for our trees, shrubs, and plants. Trees need food and nutrients in order to metabolize and grow healthy and strong. A healthy tree is one that will live longer and be more resistant to decay, insects, and drought. Proper fertilization will assist root development and stimulate the overall growth of your trees. You will see enhanced coloration, improved leaf size and health, and increased flowering and fruit.

There are many essential elements for the healthy growth of trees, the most important of which are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Deficiencies can often lead to discoloration and browning of leaves, diminished size, slow growth and die back. If your trees are showing any of these symptoms, you should consult with a local San Jose tree service for consultation.

How To Diagnose a Sick Tree

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Trees consistently give of themselves throughout their lifetimes. Like a trusted family member, they selflessly give to mankind in the way of oxygen, shade, fruit, and wood. If you have mature tree growth on your property, you know how trees become an important part of your surroundings. That is why, when a tree is struggling, it can become an emotional decision to remove it due to disease or trauma.

Unfortunately, a sick tree can infect the surrounding tree growth. It can also become a safety hazard in the event it falls. Consequently, it makes sense to continue to keep a close watch on a tree that may exhibit signs of illness or weakness. Be mindful of symptoms of an ill, dying tree, or structurally damaged tree. If you see any of these signs, it may be in your best interest to consult with a San Jose tree removal specialist.

Tree pruning is often required to remove dead branches, to regulate the size and shape of a tree, to promote growth, or to improve the quality of flowers or fruit. But pruning needs to be done properly. Improper pruning can cause trees to become distressed, diseased, or unsightly. This is why it is so important to make sure your pruning is done by a professional.

Over pruning trees is one of most common mistakes homeowners make when maintaining their trees. The common homeowner doesn’t have a full understanding about tree functioning and health. Often, a homeowner will rely on unsound advice and will over prune. That is why it is so important to consult with a tree service professional in Palo Alto before you attempt to prune your own trees.

The removal of a large tree or trees off your property may seem simple, but in reality, it is oftentimes an extremely complex task. If it becomes inevitable that this is the best course of action, remember that the removal of a tree or trees is an investment in the maintenance of your property and not some expense to groan about. It also helps to reduce the risk of damage or injury and the liabilities associated with those factors.

Shopping for a tree removal service inPalo Alto or specialist can be a tedious task if you have never done this before. While it’s easy to find dozens of arborists and tree care specialists in this area of California, getting the fairest and most honest bid for such a service is considerably more daunting. Want to know the secret to accomplishing this? Ask the right questions when interviewing candidates for the job.

In addition to supplying us with electricity, power companies are also responsible for protecting us from dangerous power lines as well. Unfortunately, we have seen these companies become increasingly careless when pruning trees on a person’s property despite years of experience at performing such a task. Let’s not forget that some trees in the area have been around since the time of our grandparents. Unlike the local power companies, any tree service company in Palo Alto knows and respects this.

Climbing and felling a tree is a dangerous task, especially if you are an inexperienced DIY’er who thinks they can do the job instead of letting a tree service arborist handle it. Although trees increase the value of your property, they also increase your liability as a homeowner. Arborists and tree care specialists have been trained and certified for this type of work and use equipment that has been specifically designed for this industry trade.

The sudden falling of tree branches and limbs during the summer months is commonly called “summer limb drop.” However, it is also referred to as “sudden summer branch (limb) drop.” This phenomenon is just as mysterious as it is dangerous. Unfortunately, little research has been conducted in order to answer the question “Why would mature trees suddenly and unpredictably drop branches and limbs?” Some tree service specialists in Palo Alto believe it occurs when dry, hot weather follows periods of heavy rains.

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