There are significant differences between trees growing in the forest versus those that grow on your property. For example, a tree that grows in the forest has a single stem growing up through the shade of the canopy to reach sunlight. On the other hand, a tree that’s growing on your property usually stands alone and not in close proximity to any other trees you have.

Therefore, it doesn’t have to compete as much for the sunlight it requires with any other trees growing on your property. However, it will develop a much wider crown with larger branches and many smaller limbs growing below it. These features can contribute to the structural weakening of a tree and should always be addressed by a reputable tree pruning specialists, whenever possible.

Whether you have room in your budget for tree care services in San Jose or not, the trees on your property will still continue growing and getting older every day. However, it’s still more cost-effective to prevent tree problems then it is to address them once they’ve become a major issue. An arborist service in San Jose can help with your landscaping goals and objectives. So as you plan your 2018 budget, be sure you prioritize the three important tree care needs listed below:

Because they were intended to grow and flourish in a natural environment void of any intervention, it is difficult for certain species to live in a commercial landscape. Hence the need for hiring a tree care service to perform routinely scheduled maintenance on them. Unfortunately, no two tree services in San Jose are ever alike in that some are more experienced and more reputable than others. Improper maintenance can lead to irreversible, permanent damage. As a result, those companies in question commonly make the following mistakes when working on commercial properties.

As a required maintenance practice among tree pruning services in San Jose, pruning can significantly improve tree health and is essential to its growth and looks. Furthermore, it eliminates dead and dying branches while minimizing the risk of certain hazards such as falling limbs, low-hanging branches, and overall tree failure. Pruning also benefits fruit trees by improving the quality, quantity, and size of the crops it produces.

Most of us have plenty of childhood memories about trees. We climbed them, jumped into piles of leaves, swung from the branches, and more. But we failed to realize that they would eventually outlive their years and were destined to perish. We watched as the spread of decay caused the tree to drop heavy limbs or start leaning and gradually pulling its roots out until it finally fell over.

Although many individuals encountered an arborist during emergency circumstances, there are a number of reasons for homeowners to consider hiring one. For example, if a tree on your property has become unstable after a severe storm or was blown over by strong winds, arborist services in San Jose handle the task of removing them. Granted, emergency tree care is one of the services that an arborist provides. However, there are a number of other tasks that they specialize in.

There are a number of factors involved when selecting the right trees for your property. Unfortunately, the average homeowner is unaware of most of them and the reason why they oftentimes turn to a tree care service in San Jose for help. After all, you wouldn’t try to invest your money in something without seeking the advice of a financial consultant would you? Considering that the trees you plant are an investment in your property, it makes sense that a professional tree care service could help you realize a significant return on that investment when selling your home.

Will Your Homeowner’s Policy save the Day?

Imagine sitting by the fireplace enjoying its warmth while it’s storming outside. All of a sudden, part of the tree in your front yard comes crashing down. A prized family antique gets smashed, part of the roof gets ripped off the rafters, and a couple of walls get damaged. What are you supposed to do now? With any luck, your homeowner’s insurance company will handle things for you. At least they should if they’re a reliable and reputable company that’s committed to serving their clients.

Signs That Your Tree May Need Removal

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When you have had certain trees on your property for any length of time, they become like old friends. That is why it’s often difficult to come to the decision to remove a tree. Healthy and maintained trees can last for decades but there are times when a tree must be removed due to disease or structure. When a tree poses a risk to your family, other people, or the surrounding landscape, buildings, or other objects, it may be time to assess whether that tree should be removed.

Your trees are like your vehicles in that they need care and maintenance on a regular basis. If you understand the consequences of not properly caring for a vehicle, then you should know the same philosophy applies to trees. Our trees are very important to us environmentally and physically. The following should give you a better idea of how a tree care service in Palo Alto can help keep your trees healthy and free from diseases.

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