tree-careTrees are natural resources which when well taken care of can make a place look so amazing and attractive. On the other hand the same can be disastrous if left for some time without proper care and maintenance. It is for these and more reasons that we at Bay Area Tree Specialists discovered the importance of trees in one’s compound and started offering various services related to tree’s maintenance.

If you are a home owner, the first thing a visitor comes across is your compound. Remember the first impression rule? Yes, it always lasts. It is always good to have people say good things about you and your home. The answer lies with the way you treat those trees in your bay area. This is also a secret that every estate management company needs to know as this will make it attractive to many buyers hence making it fetch good prices. The services are mainly available in San Jose and San Palo Alto with the leadership of ISA Certified Arborist Richard Smith with an experience of 19 years.

There are various services offered by the company. Tree services in the cities of San Jose and San Palo Alto are carried out by our experts who leave the client yearning for more of our services. The services include pruning for beauty, vista pruning, reduction of crowns, tree installation, tree end – mass reduction, stump removal, large and precarious tree removal, arborist reports and root feeding or fertilization.

Tree removal is also available in San Jose and San Palo Alto at a very competitive price. This involves professionals who perfectly remove trees from areas where the owners consider inappropriate. The company has all the equipment and machines for the work make it more professional. There is an assurance that the work will not result to any damage to property or injury to people. The site is always cleaned after the job making their work far much better.

Tree Care requires somebody who is experienced as the same can be tragic if handled by inexperienced people. Bay Area Tree Specialist has a crew of staff that ensures the work done is as per the customers’ expectations. They also make a follow up to ensure that what they did or started is running on well.

Tree trimming involves cutting the undesirable branches in a tree leaving it in a good shape. This is among the services the company offers to the customers at very attractive prices. This leaves the yard looking beautiful and orderly.

These are among the reasons why you should call on the company for any tree services and their response is a guarantee.