How you plant your trees will be a factor in whether they live a long and healthy life or one with problems. The appropriate planting is your first and foremost step in ensuring that your trees will have a long and healthy life.

There are three important factors when planting new trees.

● Is the tree the right species for the location?
● Is there enough room for the roots to be able to grow and thrive?
● Do you have the proper information on how to plant your new tree?

First, assess your site. Is there enough available soil moisture and sunlight? Although some trees can tolerate low light, most require a certain amount of sun to grow to their full potential. What is your soil’s pH levels? What is the exposure to winds? Is there enough drainage? These are important considerations when determining what type of tree will most naturally survive and thrive in your given area. Your local Palo Alto tree service can help you make the right choice for your particular needs.

Because a tree’s roots will require moisture and oxygen in order to grow, your soil should be considered. Your newly planted tree will need to establish its roots in the surrounding soil as quickly as possible. If you are planting a young tree, your soil should be more aerated and loose in order for young roots to grow and become established.

Burying the tree’s root collar must be avoided at all costs. The root collar, where the trunk flares out into the root system, is part of the trunk of the tree and should not be buried. Unlike the roots, the root collar is not able to resist moisture. Burying this part of the tree can also inhibit the movement of carbon dioxide and oxygen through its bark. It can invariably cause health issues such as root dieback and reduced water intake and could possibly kill the tree. Before planting your tree, it is suggested that you consult with a professional tree service in Palo Alto in order to get the proper instructions for appropriate tree planting.

Make sure your site offers enough space for the growth of your tree’s roots and canopy. Your location will have a substantial effect on your tree’s health. The south side of a building will offer a different conditions than the north side. Different trees have different requirements. Make sure the roots have plenty of growth area that will not be inhibited by or cause damage to sidewalks or driveways. Consider whether the canopy will end up growing against your home or power lines. When you have considered how much growth space your site has, you can choose the right species for that environment based on its needs at maturity.

After-planting care is essential. All newly planted trees require routine watering depending on soil moisture and weather conditions in your area. When a tree is new, watering should be done whenever the soil feels dry or even slightly damp. A slow trickle of a garden hose at the base until the area is thoroughly soaked is the best method for watering new trees. Mulching, fertilizing, staking, and proper pruning are also important considerations for your new tree. In order to be assured that your tree is getting the correct after-planting care, a consultation with a professional tree service in Palo Alto can be a good resource.

If you are considering planting new trees on your property, call the professional tree service that more residents of Palo Alto trust. The professional arborists at Bay Area Tree Specialists are here to help with all of your tree planting needs. Call us today to see how we can assist you with any of your planting requirements.