Trees don’t live forever and when any tree on your property is damaged or is dying, it can pose to be threat to the people and property in the vicinity. It is better to have the tree removed from your property than to constant live in the fear that it can fall and cause damage. However, the question that pops up frequently is that how does one know that it is the right time to remove the tree?Well, here is a quick list to check for signs that call for tree removal service in San Jose:

Too big for the area

It is important to consider the space and then select the tree accordingly,because if the tree is too big for the small space, it will need to be removed. It is important to take a look around and consider the expected width of the tree as it grows. If it might grow to be too big for the space, consider removing it to an area where it can flourish.

Growing under buildings

If the tree is overhanging the fence or growing under the patio and sending out roots under it, it is time to take action. An overhanging tree can be pruned, so that the branches are removed that can pose danger. However, if the tree roots are already deeper under the building, it might become important to remove the entire tree before it poses a risk to the foundation and structure of the building.

Damaged tree

If the tree has been extensively damaged by lightening or a storm and has a split trunk or is leaning precariously, it is important to consult with an arborist in San Jose. Usually, during a storm a few branches might fall off due to the strong winds and the arborist might suggest wait and watch policy so that the tree recovers. However, if it loses its canopy or split trunk and just a couple of branches, it is bets to remove the complete tree, before it is infested and starts to decay.

Roots growing brackets

If the mushroom type of growth around the tree roots is visible, it is sign of fungal infection that has moved into the core of the wood. This is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. If these brackets are growing from the trunk, the tree is basically dying. The fungal infection will start to interfere in the transportation of nutrients within the tree branches. Additionally, it makes the tree weak and can fall anytime when there is a storm or high speed wind.

Do not wait for the tree to fall before you call in the experts. It is essential that if the tree is leaning or you notice any of these signs, call in the tree removal service and let them handle the tree removal process.