The importance of tree care is becoming more and more well known as time wears on and people become aware of the dangers of under-maintained trees along public sidewalks, buildings, and so on. The best way to maintain a tree’s sturdy growth and health is through pruning.

Throughout the pruning process, diseased, infested, and crossed branches will be removed, which makes it easier for the tree to weather storms, remain healthy, and ensure the safety of its surroundings. Tree trimming service in San Jose also gives the tree a shapelier and more beautiful appearance. But how much does this process cost?

Determining the Price of Tree Pruning

Usually, the pruning process will only start after a free consultation session during which your tree will receive an in-person visit from the arborist who will be put in charge of the pruning. Following this visit, you will likely receive an estimate of what this service will cost you. There are multiple factors which will guide this estimate:

The type of tree you wish to be pruned will be one of the biggest factors. How wide reaching are the branches? How low do they reach? How thick are they? And other questions might be answered. The tree care service will be interested in knowing more about it before they start the work. It is essential that all of these aspects are considered before the work starts

The accessibility of the tree is also a big point that will be considered. If workers will have to be conscious of nearby traffic, a neighbor’s property, or any other continuous obstacles, the service will cost more for obvious reasons. Any extra equipment that will need to be brought in for safety reasons, i.e. keeping limbs from falling on your shed or roof, will also factor in.

What you want and need will of course also be considered. During the initial consultation, you will be asked about how thorough you wish the pruning to be. Do you want a full pruning? Do you only need one or two larger branches removed? Do you want to limit it to only dead branches? Thus, while your tree’s needs are the main focus, yours will of course also be of great concern.

The needed time will also factor in, for obvious reasons, as well as the size of the crew needed to get the job done within that time frame. The bigger the tree, and the more thorough the pruning, the longer it will take to get the job done, and the more people will be needed to remove cut branches and maintain a safe environment for you as the property’s occupier.