Some of a stump’s most significant features remain hidden from the human eye. Its roots tend to go quite deep into the ground. That fact helps to highlight the challenges that are linked to the grinding of stumps.

Other unique characteristics of stumps

Each of them has a sizeable amount of strong wood at its center. The roots increase the stump’s width at in its bottom section. A professional arborist at a tree stump grinding service in San Jose has the tools that allow a measurement of the growth that exists underneath any given stump. Arborists take repeated measurements, as the grinder works on the object in the ground.

Types of grinders

• Hand-manipulated: This has handlebars; it is the easiest type to use.
• Self-propelled: The person using this grinder has to hold the machine’s handles on the object that needs to undergo grinding (the stump).
• Tow-behind: A truck or trailer tows this machine; it is taken to the spot where the grinding will take place.
• Truck-mounted: The operator must treat this like a vehicle.

Basic steps during utilization of a grinder

• First, don a pair of heavy gloves and cover the eyes with protective eyewear
• Position the grinder
• Fix the setting, so that it gives the stump’s height and width.
• Lock the set machine (the grinder) in place
• Turn it on; some grinders come with a hose, which can catch the chips.
• Move slowly and steadily, while grinding down to and past all the roots in the ground.
• Scoop the chips into a bag.

There are many benefits enjoyed by someone that has operated, or has paid a professional to operate any of the various types of grinders. The removal of a stump could contribute to creation of an accident as a visitor might trip on it.

Stumps in the front yard of a property tend to reduce the property’s value. A seller can eliminate that problem by arranging for the stump’s removal. Even on an empty lot a stump could become a potential threat. Bees could decide to build their hive in that potential threat, changing it into a real source of danger. If any passersby were to complain about the bees, the owner of the property would hear from the city of town where it was located.

Members of a city council try to arrange for the sale of any vacant lot, because each member realizes that the lot’s owner might not maintain that piece of land in the proper fashion. Their level of concern increases, if the lot in question contains one or more objects that have become rooted in the ground. An object that sticks out from the ground creates a temptation for anyone that wants a no-cost base for a sign. A grinder can eliminate that base/stump.