Each season brings a different list of tasks for those homeowners that strive to care properly for their property. Here is list of jobs that have become linked to the fall season.

Look for evidence of pests in trees

Understand the goal of this particular task—achieving total eradication of any pest before the arrival of spring.Study the trees’ leaves; do any of them exhibit unusual markings? Have any of them started to curl? Has any tree shed its leaves well before the expected date?

Does any tree’s trunk reveal evidence of a crack? Is there any indication that some tree’s roots appear to have been lifted above the ground?

Check on the condition of the trees’ branches. Do any appear thin? Do any seem brittle, when touched?

Prune trees

Late fall and early winter are the best time for pruning. That is the time of year when a dormant tree retains the strongest ability to recover from a stressful pruning of its branches.

Put mulch around each tree

Be sure to keep it away from the tree’s trunk; no mulch should touch a trunk.The mulch serves 2 functions. It helps to control the absorption of water by the soil. In addition, it serves as a layer of warmth, after the temperatures start to drop.

If some mulch remains, after each tree’s base has been covered, then you should find or buy a cover for whatever has gone unused. You need to keep what remains dry, in case you might want to do more mulching, during some period of the winter, or in the early spring.

Remove any potential fire hazard

Tree Service in San Jose know how to cut down any dead trees. Get rid of any dry brush that would have the ability to fuel a fire.Consider how any growth in the yard might qualify as a safety hazard. For instance, would any fallen tree have the ability to block a road? Could any of the growth fall on a power line? Get rid of any identified safety hazard.

Be sure that all branches remain far from any utility lines or poles. If any branch were to come in contact with something that has been used to carry electricity, then that brief contact might have the capacity to ignite a fire.

Consider investing in removal of any additional safety hazard

Is there a stump in the yard? During preparations for winter, you might want to put time and money into the stump’s removal. Whether the stump should be seen as a new or old addition to your yard, it could have the ability to attract insects and larger pests. In other words, eventually, it could become a safety hazard.