Arborists urge homeowners to tackle that task when the trees are dormant.

What does it mean for trees to be dormant?

That is the time when those tall plants are not growing in a active fashion. That same time period normally comes in late autumn and throughout the winter months. In some warmer climates, the growth could start before the arrival of spring. Each tree’s age, and health also affects the time for the start and end of its dormant season.

What are the benefits that are linked to a properly scheduled pruning, i.e. one that has been carried out during the dormant season?

At that point in time, the trees have few if any leaves. Hence it is easy for the Tree Service in San Jose doing the pruning to locate any crossed branches or weak limbs.

Pruning weakens the tree, and it can invite the arrival of pests. Still, most pests are in their winter quarters by late fall, or certainly by winter. So, there is less chance than any pest might invade the pruned plant.

All trees have some sap, but the amount of that thick liquid diminishes, once the dormant period has started. For that reason, the pruning has little or no effect on the volume of sap within the pruned plant.

A loss of limbs places any tree under stress. It can deal with that stress better when it has not used energy to keep growing. Since no growth that takes place during dormancy, that is a good time for having trees’ branches pruned.
Once the branches have been pruned, the altered plant/tree does require some energy, in order to recover.

Fortunately, the arrival of spring means the introduction of a natural energy. The energy that supports the new growth also works to aid recovery from the pruning process.

Arborists do not have a busy schedule during the late fall and winter months. Therefore, it is fairly easy for a homeowner to schedule a time for the arrival of a team that has become skilled at removing the unwanted limbs.

The challenges to any plan to prune during the trees’ dormant season:

It is colder then. That might also be the rainy season of the year, depending on the trees’ location.
The days are shorter, so there is less time for carrying out the scheduled task. Still, someone that has hired professionals could expect them to have a means for lighting a work area, after the sun has started to set.

A family that liked to enjoy a winter holiday might prefer to delay any pruning-related plans until early spring. On the other hand, a family could truly relax during a spring holiday, with knowledge of limbs pruned.