A fire will not burn without a supply of fuel. Autumn provides homeowners with the chance to remove any flammable vegetation that exists in the area close to the family’s residence.

A smart homeowner creates a defensible space in the proper location.

The creation of a defensible zone within 5 feet of the home requires the removal of any flammable, especially woody, landscaping decorations.

Creation of a similar zone between 5 and 30 feet from the home calls for performance of 2 actions

—Pruning of trees and shrubs
—Removal of dried vegetation: While this task could be carried out other zones, it must be on the list of chores to be carried out in this one particular area.

Two different tasks must be carried out, in order to create a defensible zone in an area that is 30 to 100 feet from the family’s residence

—Cut any grass or weeds down to a height that is no greater than 4 inches
—Surround any exposed woodpiles with mineral soil: There should be no exposed woodpiles in the other zones.

Certain tasks should be carried out on every inch of the homeowner’s yard

Arranging for the Tree Care services in Palo Alto for removal of dead or dangerous trees. A dangerous tree would be one that appeared ready to fall over, or one with a decided tilt.

Collecting and toting away any dead vegetation

Cleaning debris from the roof and gutters

During preparations for placement of new plants in the yard, make a point of purchasing those that are fire-resistant

Ensure chances for enjoyment of savings, after completing the jobs outlined in the 2 previous sections.

Take pictures of the pruned trees and shrubs; date those same pictures

Photograph grass and weeds, once they have been cut down to the proper height; date those same photographs.

Photograph any exposed woodpiles that have a circle of mineral soil around them; be sure to place a date on each of those photographs.

If some embers to set a part of your home on fire, have those pictures on hand, and show them to the representative from your home insurance company. Each picture would offer evidence of your efforts to limit the amount of fuel for any fire.

Home insurance companies determine the size of a premium by checking for the existence of anything that could be used to fight a fire. Those companies lower the premium for any homeowner that has a pond on his/her property.

A realtor would be sure to mention that fact, if a buyer were viewing a residence by a pond or lake. That is why it makes sense to save any evidence of measures taken to limit the amount of fuel for any potential fire.