Bay Area Tree Specialists is a fully equipped company with experienced staffs who are specialized in caring and handling trees. Currently, we offer our services in San Jose and Palo Alto cities. Our long term dominance in the industry has nourished us with enough knowledge and experience in offering tree services for both home owners

Trees. We rely on them in San Jose, we value them in Palo Alto, but mostly we ignore them. Without trees our homes’ landscapes would be bleak and barren pastures. They are our silent providers of so much more than simple vertical beauty. They help eliminate soil erosion, provide shade, and transform carbon dioxide, which

If the tree in your garden is giving you trouble, then you should take all necessary steps to remove it. In most instances, it just requires you to hire the right people to come in and do the job. Indeed, this is essential to getting the work done right and well the first time. You

Removing a tree is a delicate business that should only be trusted to those who have proven their ability to do the work honestly and efficiently. When you’ve decided to remove a tree, you’ve committed yourself to a major job. Such a commitment should not be taken lightly. It must begin with an honest appraisal

There could be any number of reasons for removing a tree. Perhaps it has grown in a way which has made it overhang the property of your neighbors. It may also be the case that the roots of the tree are affecting other properties. Or it may have suffered recent storm damage that makes it

Keeping your yard and garden in top condition is hard work. However, it is necessary if you want your home to maintain a certain look, feel, and appeal. To be sure, not everyone is born with a green thumb, as it’s called, some of us have a hard time getting plants and trees to turn

Making your home look good takes a great deal of work. Some of this work has to be done inside the home, but much of it has to be done in the surrounding areas outside the home. The way your yard and garden look, for example, can have a tremendous effect on the general appearance

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