How you plant your trees will be a factor in whether they live a long and healthy life or one with problems. The appropriate planting is your first and foremost step in ensuring that your trees will have a long and healthy life.

In the greater San Jose, it’s not uncommon to find insect activity associated with trees that are indigenous to this area. Most of the insects that we find are not harmful and it’s usually pretty easy to maintain a natural balance by controlling them. However, when certain pest populations are left unchecked, it poses a serious threat to the health of the tree. When that happens, you have to consider certain treatment options.

Not only is it important to identify what type of pest it is, you have to know what species of tree it is as well. In these cases, IPM or Integrated Pest Management is the most common course of action that tree care services in San Jose take. On the other hand, if the treatment eliminates the different predators that feed on the pests, their populations could explode and be more difficult to eradicate in the long run.

How Tree Topping Can Kill Your Trees

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Tree topping can leave trees disfigured and dying. Considered one of the most harmful pruning practices around by informed San Jose tree service professionals and arborists, tree topping still remains a common practice.

One of the most common reasons that trees are still topped today is to reduce the size of the tree. It may have become too large for its area or may be perceived as a hazard, but either way, topping a tree is not a solution for either.

While you should always rely on a licensed arborist or professional tree trimming service in San Jose to handle the more complex tasks on your property, the average DIY’er can usually handle the simpler pruning or trimming tasks on smaller trees. In the San Jose area, the best time to prune trees is during winter or the dormant season. If you’re a first-time homeowner, you may be wondering what tools are required for this for pruning and trimming your trees.

It is probable that you don’t give much thought to the compaction of the soil in your yard or landscaping, but tree removal specialists in San Jose recognize that it is a problem in many landscapes today. Although most of us get satisfaction from watching things grow above the surface, we give little thought to what is happening below.

In California, and along the entire West Coast and the Rocky Mountains, the bark beetle has affected millions of acres of forest land. Although they are natives to our forests and do play a role in forest ecology, they can also cause a great deal of harm to trees. Our changing climate has been instrumental in the increase in beetle population and the drought has provided acres of vulnerable trees at their disposal. The natural beetle population is usually kept in check by the cold winter weather, however years of above average winter temperatures have allowed for the growing population of the bark beetle.

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Today, California’s forests have succumbed to what is called “Sudden Oak Death”. This phenomenon is due to a pathogen that has affected millions of oaks and tanoaks along our coastline.

The pathogen is a type of water mold that can cause some tree trunks to create cankers that can bleed out the sap, or lifeblood, of the tree. It has torn through our forests, killing many trees in its wake. Not only does it have an impact on the trees themselves, but also has an impact on the wildlife that are dependent on these trees for habitat and food.

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In the Bay Area, we have a great variety of trees…and their respective issues. As a homeowner, you may encounter any one (or two, or three) of them, so be on the lookout for these issues. When you know what to look for, you will be able to remedy the situation earlier instead of later.

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Whenever you are considering removing, trimming, or preserving the integrity of a tree, an arborist report can be one of your most valuable tools.

An arborist is a person who has been trained in the art and science of planting, maintaining, and caring for trees. As a homeowner, you know that proper tree care is an investment and can add value to your property. Poorly maintained trees can be a hazard and often pose a liability. Since removing trees can be difficult and dangerous work, it should only be done by a tree removal expert in Palo Alto with the assistance of a professional arborist report.

As human beings, we understand the role of a balanced diet for health and wellness. The same holds true for our trees, shrubs, and plants. Trees need food and nutrients in order to metabolize and grow healthy and strong. A healthy tree is one that will live longer and be more resistant to decay, insects, and drought. Proper fertilization will assist root development and stimulate the overall growth of your trees. You will see enhanced coloration, improved leaf size and health, and increased flowering and fruit.

There are many essential elements for the healthy growth of trees, the most important of which are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Deficiencies can often lead to discoloration and browning of leaves, diminished size, slow growth and die back. If your trees are showing any of these symptoms, you should consult with a local San Jose tree service for consultation.

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