There truly is something utterly satisfying about watering your trees every week, let alone watching the water seep into the dry soil. It’s also a great way to deliver the much needed TLC to our plants. However, as you watch this particular process, you have no clue regarding what is happening underneath that soil surface.

The truth is that many professional arborists in Palo Alto get quite a few calls regarding sycamore trees which appear to be dead and have lost their trees. The most common question is whether the tree should be removed. Now, it’s most definitely a logical question as it may seem like the tree has come

Now, the truth is that fall is without a doubt the perfect time for you to consider planning and implementing the new additions to your garden. The reason is quite simple – this is by far the best time of the year for you to plant and you most certainly want to be prepared when

The truth is that the winter and the accompanying freezing temperatures can be rather dangerous for your trees. It’s obvious that it’s a matter of time before snow starts to fall down and you need to account for the mess that it’s going to leave behind. With this in mind, you should know that we

If you want to get a new fruit tree to start developing perfectly, nothing is more important than proper pruning. This is why we’ve taken the liberty to provide you with this comprehensive guide.If you leave the tree not pruned, it may have issues while growing. What is more, if there is an unfortunate drought,

Even though it might sound like something completely out of the ordinary, the sun can actually hurt your trees. Think of it this way – just as you are capable of getting sunburn, the tree can get something called sunscald. However, unlike the temporary damage that sun causes to our skin, it could actually cause

There are various professionals that you might want to hire in order to take proper care of your garden and backyard. However, it is important to differentiate between what they do in order to hire the right type of person or company. There are two most commonly compared fields of expertise which tend to get

Now, if you have a dangerous tree or one that is an obstacle and needs to get removed, cutting it down is just the few of many steps of the entire process. Some people are particularly overwhelmed by getting a tree down and they very much should be. However, without a professional involved, you may

The truth is that there are quite a few pruning steps that you’d have to undertake in order to properly maintain your tree while it’s growing up. The age of the tree is also determining in this particular process. Furthermore, you would have to perform different tree trimming and pruning techniques based on the stage

The Best Way to Mulch Your Trees

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If you still haven’t had mulched your trees, you should most certainly do so. There are quite a few benefits associated with proper mulching such as enhanced ability to retain water, regulation of the soil temperature, fighting harmful weeds and preventing the spread of the leaf disease because of fungus or bacteria. With this in

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