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Tree Service Mountain View

Welcome to the Bay Area Tree Specialists’ website, your one-stop shop for all your tree service needs in Mountain View. When it becomes necessary, our arborists and tree care specialist can plan and manage the proper care and maintenance of the trees on your property, no matter how large or small they are. Our people understand that your trees are important to you. Think of it this way. Your trees are like your vehicles – they require preventive care and maintenance in order to remain healthy over the years.

We not only care about the natural beauty and health of your trees, we care about you and your family’s personal as well where the trees growing closest to your home are concerned. Although trees provide shade for your home during the day, a large limb hanging precariously above the roof of your home can come crashing down in high winds or stormy weather, doing considerable damage to your home. Plus, you have to be concerned about the well-being of the people inside the house.


The Many Benefits That Trees Provide

Bay Area Tree Specialists cannot emphasize the importance of the trees growing on your property or the positive impact that our tree service and arborist services in Mountain View can have on them. The benefits that trees provide goes far beyond their aesthetic value or natural beauty. They provide communal, economic, environmental, and social benefits as well. Consider the following:

Communal benefits – when properly chosen and maintained, even the trees growing on your property provide benefits to your surrounding community. Trees help improve your quality of life with their beauty as well as the wildlife they attract to your community.

Economic benefits – trees provide direct and indirect economic benefits. For example, we see property values that are 5% to 20% higher for landscaped homes and properties in the Mountain View area compared to those that aren’t.

Environmental benefits – Our tree pruning services in Mountain View know that there are a number of environmental benefits where trees are concerned as well. Trees have a positive impact in that they attract wildlife, help improve air quality, moderate climate, and prevent erosion by reducing runoff.

Social benefits – these benefits go beyond the natural beauty of trees and how they can enhance property values. For instance, they have a calming effect on humans which can reduce fatigue and stress.

We Can Maximize The Benefits Of Your Trees

Bay Area Tree Specialists offers an extensive range of arborist services that include but are not limited to:

  • tree trimming services in Mountain View
  • 24-hour emergency tree removal services Mountain View

Adhering to building codes and safety parameters as laid down by the city, we are committed to keep the environment well-maintained on both commercial and personal properties. Our team is experienced, trained and licensed apart from being insured do all aspects of professional code of conduct is maintained. We are truly your one-stop shop for all your tree service needs in Mountain View. For more information regarding our services, call Bay Area Tree Specialists today.