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Tree Care San Jose

Four Important Benefits Of Professional Tree Care Services

Most of us would agree that trees add an element of beauty to any commercial or residential property. However, we also take them for granted when it comes to their care, health, and maintenance. Granted, the lack of proper care and maintenance can shorten the average tree’s lifespan. However, it’s important to understand how the lack of proper upkeep can also increase the risk of damage to you, your family, and your property, as well. To avoid these maladies, you should consider hiring for tree care service in San Jose.

Protects you and your family – Without a doubt, the most important benefit of hiring our tree care services in San Jose is that it keeps you, your family, and visitors safe from potential harm and injury. By pruning and trimming broken or cracked branches, you eliminate the possibility of them falling and injuring someone. This also eliminates the possibility of injury by removing low-hanging limbs that someone could bump into.

Proper pruning by Bay Area Tree Specialists will also help to reduce tree weight, and prevent the likelihood of branches breaking and falling during a snowstorm. Not to mention the strain of carrying the excess weight of snow. Most importantly, you put yourself at risk of getting sued if someone is injured on your property. So you can see why it can be beneficial to hire our tree care services in San Jose.

Regularly scheduled tree care and maintenance can enhance the appearance and feel of your property. Not to mention how it can improve the market value of your property. Furthermore, you will eliminate the potential risk of costly damage to your home and property. At the same time these steps increase you and your family’s safety within the home. Why not contact Bay Area Tree Specialists and let us customize a tree care service plan in San Jose that is tailored to your specific needs.

Understanding The Nature Of Trees

Needless to say, trees are very beautiful, yet extremely complex organisms, which benefit our outdoor environment. However, they also require a great deal of care and upkeep in order to keep them healthy and thriving. If you are concerned about the trees on your property, Bay Area Tree Specialists are here to help. Our tree care specialists have the experience and expertise required to maintain them, while at the same time ensuring that they are healthy and safe.

Tree Care And Maintenance Benefits

If you have trees located close to your home, around power lines, or along a shared property line, we recommend an inspection, and at least one pruning every year. However, the following are the four (4) most important benefits of our professional tree care services in San Jose:

Enhances aesthetics – Our arborists are highly skilled at pruning and trimming trees effectively and safely. Not only will this promote better tree growth, it will improve the aesthetics. Furthermore, if you have any trees that are “aesthetically obstructive”, Bay Area Tree Specialists can remove them for you.

Improves home and property protection – A home can sustain considerable damage if tree branches are hanging too close to it, have not been pruned back. This is especially true if they break off or slam into your home during high winds and strong storms. As time passes, there can be additional damage from tree branches that have burrowed beneath roof shingles and start causing leaks.

Promotes better overall tree health – By pruning (removing) dead, diseased, insect-infested, or weak tree limbs, it will promote better overall tree health and help avoid rot. Additionally, regularly scheduled tree care services in San Jose enhance a tree’s overall appearance. This removes unwanted branches that can drain much needed energy from the trunk. As a result, the more desirable segments of the tree are allowed to flourish. Plus, this improves flowering, fruit production, and promotes leaf growth.

You also run the risk of your trees growing into power lines if they are left untrimmed. Not only can power lines be damaged, you could be left without power until they are repaired or replaced. Some utility companies will trim back any trees that have grown through power lines located on or close to public thoroughfares. While others require that homeowner’s incur the expense of hiring a tree care service to do this. If you are responsible for this, Bay Area Tree Specialists are here to help.