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Tree Care & Removal Campbell

Welcome to Bay Area Tree Specialists, the tree service experts servicing Campbell and other communities throughout the San Francisco area. As your arborist services provider in Campbell, we can help keep the trees on your property beautiful and healthy while offering the most competitive pricing in the industry today. The trees on your property are an investment that creates a living legacy. At our company, trees aren’t just our business, they’re our passion.

We have worked on many customer’s properties for years and have helped enhance the value of their commercial or residential property by providing our services. Our tree service specialists in Campbell are dedicated to providing a superior level of personalized care and service to every customer. We realize how trees can play an important part in property aesthetics, but we also appreciate the significant role in the longevity and protection of our environment.

Before hiring a tree service in Campbell provider or specialist, you may be required by the city or county to get an arborist report in Campbell (which we have extensive experience with). These reports document areas of concern and the current health of the trees on your property. For additional information regarding tree pruning, tree removal, tree trimming in Campbell, or any of our other tree maintenance services, call Bay Area Tree Specialists today.

Our Services

Bay Area Tree Specialists provides the most comprehensive line of services in the area, including tree pruning, tree removal, and tree trimming service in Campbell. We also provide preventative maintenance services to help lower the risk of the damage to your home that could result from a branch or the entire tree falling, as well as emergency tree care. The following is a list of our many services that we currently offer our customers:

  • Aesthetic pruning for shrubs and smaller trees (15 feet tall or less) that will enhance the natural beauty of your property
  • Crown Reduction for eliminating any physiological stress on your trees and to prevent them from growing into electrical and phone lines
  • End-weight reduction to reduce excess weight at the end of branches and eliminate the risk if bowing or breaking
  • Large or precarious tree removal performed by skilled arborist experts in Campbell who use the most updated equipment to remove fallen or standing trees that pose a threat to your home and family
  • Root feeding and fertilization that will improve and maintain the appearance and health of evergreens, shrubs, and trees
  • Stump Removal services that use grinding equipment in order remove tree stumps off your property so you can replant if desired
  • Tree planting services that ensures the proper and safe installation of trees that you’ve purchased from nurseries and other suppliers
  • Vista pruning to help open up views from you home that trees have blocked (without causing damage to your trees)