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Arborist In Palo Alto

Reasons to Hire a Certified Arborist for Commercial or Residential Property

By definition, arborists are specialists who have been educated and trained in the art and science of caring for, and maintaining trees, in addition to planting them. They are highly knowledgeable of what trees need to survive and are equipped with the proper tools required for their care and maintenance. At Bay Area Tree Specialists, we know that caring for trees properly is more of an investment than an expense and the returns can be substantial. Consequently, hiring a certified arborist in Palo Alto for your commercial or residential property is a decision that a homeowner should never take lightly. That is because your gardens and plants are our concern. You can enjoy the beauty while we do the spadework!

Average DIY’ers and homeowners do not have the proper equipment or training – A certified arborist is trained to handle the proper equipment required to perform a wide range of tree services. This ensures that the service is performed properly and safely.

Proper tree care should not be neglected – If you stop and think about it, you are investing in your home’s value, and the eventual sale of your house and property. Having well-landscaped and properly maintained lawns and trees can be a feather in your cap, and adds to the resale value.

Pruning and removal of trees is not a job for the average DIY’er – This is especially true when trees have grown over power lines. You should always contact an arborist in Palo Alto in order to handle this type of work. Ensure the safety of your home and the loved ones inside it.

Trees that are not properly cared for are a liability – A poorly maintained or unhealthy looking tree is viewed as a property liability, and will result in lost money when you decide to sell your home in the future. Additionally, overhanging branches and weak trees can be a hazard for the passers-by, apart from doing damage to your property if they fall off.

Why Should You Hire an Arborist?

Trees that have been properly cared for and maintained over the years can actually increase your property’s value. Not to mention the fact that they are very attractive when they have been continually attended to over time. Conversely, a tree that isn’t cared for can quickly become a significant and costly liability. When it comes to pruning and removing trees, this is not a DIY project, as the work can be extremely dangerous. This is especially true with larger, older trees; and the primary reason for hiring an arborist for this type of work.

Trees that have been cared for properly and maintained over time are aesthetically appealing and a compliment to your home. Not only is a healthy tree very attractive, it is considerably safer than one that has been poorly cared for. On the other hand, a damaged or sick tree that goes unattended to can become a liability. It can pose a significant threat to your home or office, as well as the individuals inside of them. Therefore, you should always rely on an arborist in Palo Alto to care for and maintain the trees on your commercial or residential property.

4 Important Reasons for hiring a Certified Arborist

The certified arborists at Bay Area Tree Specialists are highly knowledgeable where the care and maintenance of trees is concerned. As students of tree care and maintenance, our arbor specialists have all passed a comprehensive exam in order to get certified. However, they also must continue their education in order to adhere to the arborist’s Code of Ethics and maintain their certification. Here are four (4) important reasons for hiring a professional arborist in Palo Alto:

In addition to the proper care and maintenance of trees, Bay Area Tree Specialists provide other tree services including: planting, preventative maintenance, pruning, and removal, just to name a few. If you have any questions regarding the proper care and maintenance of your trees, or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our specialized arborist in Palo Alto, please contact us today. We’d be happy to be of any assistance.