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Commercial Tree Services San Jose, Ca

Bay Area Tree Specialists provides commercial tree care service to dozens of property management companies in the Bay Area which represent 50-70 HOAs and Apartment Complexes. Our services to these management companies typically range from Bay Area San Jose Tree Removal, Hazard Reduction Pruning (pruning of unsafe or over weight limbs), building encroachment pruning (pruning for proper building clearances), raising of low hanging canopies for pedestrian walk ways and side-walks.

Also for vehicle clearances over parking lots and streets per city height requirement codes. Thinning of the trees canopies for light penetration as well as for weight reduction in the canopy to relieve over loaded limb weight. This makes the trees more able to withstand windy rainy conditions. As always, we recommend pruning of any tree to remove any dead wood, diseased wood or dying wood in trees to stop the spread of disease and/or decay organisms.

At Bay Area Tree Specialists we have the staff available to thoroughly and professionally maintain trees in small facilities all the way to the largest facilities. We use the equipment stated for the tree industry, including bucket trucks for expert pruning.

Our staff includes certified arborist, certified tree workers, line clearance tree workers for pruning trees that inevitably grow near power lines. These employees have gone through extensive training and testing to be OSHA compliant. Many of our staff holds CPR and first aid certificates, as part of our emergency tree response services.

Bay Area Tree Specialists also holds a “CTSP” certification (Certified Tree Care Safety Provider), one of the first companies in the nation to be certified in the superior safety program for the tree service industry.


We Offer The Kind Of Commercial Tree Services San Jose Bay Area Needs, Including;

  • Fertilization programs
  • Tree Installation of tree size to 24’’, 36’’ specimen trees
  • Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal
  • Arborist supervised projects
  • Arborist reports
  • Emergency Tree Service

Call TODAY for professional San Jose Tree Removal Services and more. We Offer competitive pricing with exceptional Quality for the kind of commercial tree service San Jose Bay Area requires.


Here are some of our recent vegetation management projects Bay Area Tree Specialists has been part of: