Tree Care And Removal Services Newark, Ca

Bay Area Tree Specialists provides a comprehensive range of arborist services in Newark for commercial and residential property owners. Caring for the trees on your property is much like caring for the vehicles you drive. Both require preventative care and maintenance in order to keep up their appearance and stay healthy. Unfortunately, many business owners and homeowners in the Bay Area fail to realize that until it’s too late and their trees start dying from lack of attention.

We are locally owned and operated so you can be assured that we are well experienced and highly knowledgeable about the trees that grow throughout Newark and other areas in this region of California. At Bay Area Tree Specialists, trees are not just a business or our livelihood, they are our passion. When you hire our professionals to handle all of your tree removal and trimming needs in Newark, you’re hiring years of tree care experience in the field and expertise. We care for trees just like we care for our families.


The Benefits Trees Provide

It’s unfortunate that so many commercial and residential property owners neglect their trees. This may be a matter of not realizing all the benefits they provide a community and its environment. For instance, trees offer communal benefits such as:

  • accentuating the views from your property
  • enhancing the appearance of your property
  • increasing the value of your property
  • providing privacy
  • reducing glare and noise pollution

Additionally, they add a natural element that attracts wildlife to urban areas. This helps to improve the quality of life of the residents of that community. This is why Bay Area Tree Specialists tree pruning service in Newark is so vital to urban communities.

However, the benefits of trees go beyond the impact it can have on your community. For example, trees provide some extremely important environmental benefits including:

  • converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen
  • creating a cooling effect to offset the heat that is emitted by buildings and pavement in the hotter weather
  • harboring wildlife and giving them sanctuary in urban areas
  • improving air quality by filtering out dust and pollutants
  • providing protection during rain showers and serving as windbreaks during periods of high winds and stormy weather

One of the many benefits of hiring our tree trimming services in Newark is that Bay Area Tree Specialists educate customers as to what they can do to help improve the appearance and natural beauty of their trees as well as extend their lifespan. Call our expert team of tree care specialists that are insured, licensed and trained on all aspects of tree care.

Why Property Owners Need An Arborist

Our arborists specialize in the care and maintenance of trees and are equipped and trained to do exactly that. Tree service in Newark is an investment that can provide a considerable return over time. Consequently, hiring arborist services in Newark calls for a well-informed decision. For more information about our services, call Bay Area Tree Specialists today.