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Tree Removal Palo Alto

Knowing When It’s Time to Have a Tree Removed

Whether they are planted on your business or home property, we love having trees as part of the landscape. Without a doubt, they are an asset, and an investment in your property’s value. Unfortunately, they can also become liabilities if they are not attended to on a regular basis, and cared for properly. Then there are those occasions when a damaged, dead, or diseased tree poses a threat to your structure and the people inside of it. From the standpoint of personal and structural safety, now is the time to consider hiring a service for tree removal in Palo Alto, before any damage or injuries occur.


Close proximity/overgrowth – Despite the distance from the home that a tree is planted; it’s going to continue growing, and possibly pose a threat to the structure and/or anyone who is inside. As the tree grows, so do its roots until they have grown under driveways and foundations. Over time, this can cause a shifting in the floor and may even make your home unstable.

Examine the tree’s branches – Branches that are dead and hanging can cause thousands of dollars in roof repairs if high winds cause them to fall. If a tree is growing in such a way as to detract from its aesthetics, then you should consider pruning and shaping it. This will give it a healthier, newer appearance, and strengthen it in the process.

Check the bark, branches, and leaves – Certain diseases will cause structural issues and compromise a tree’s integrity, thereby making it necessary to cut it down and remove it. A licensed arborist, or tree removal in Palo Alto professional from Bay Area Tree Specialists, can evaluate how badly a disease has hurt the tree. Signs of diseases include: branches dying off, discolored leaves, and the lack of veins in them, fungus growing on the branches or trunk, and odd looking bumps on the tree’s bark.

Watch for defects – If there are certain noticeable defects that become apparent, these can compromise the integrity of the tree and eventually lead to it falling down. Keep in mind that, even if you have insurance, many policies will not cover damage resulting from acts of nature. The best way to avoid absorbing that type of loss is by having it inspected by a tree removal in Palo Alto specialist, for damage and defects. If there are overhanging branches or overgrowth, we recommend tree pruning immediately.

Professional Tree Service Required

Even an avid DIY’er and experienced homeowner is better off leaving tree removal up to the arborist, or service professional, rather than risking injury to themselves, their family members, and their homes. Arborists are specialists who have been educated and trained in the art and science of caring for, maintaining, planting, pruning, and removal of trees. Bay Area Tree Specialists can inspect your trees, and perform a tree risk assessment in order to uncover any potential issues. If they find that a tree is damaged beyond repair, dead, or grossly diseased, the tree will need to be removed.

4 Simple Guidelines that Indicate the Need for Tree Removal

If you’ve ever thought that the big maple or oak tree hovering over your deck or porch isn’t looking too healthy, it’s probably time to contact a specialist in tree removal, in Palo Alto, to check things out. However, there are four (4) simple guidelines you can follow that will help you determine if tree removal is the proper course of action:

Bay Area Tree Specialists is the premier tree removal service in the area. We are insured, licensed and only employ the most experienced tree removal and maintenance staff. With professional arborists on board, you can call us as needed. With years in business, we understand the how’s and why’s of tree removal, and own our own equipment for safe removals. It is important to check the growth and overgrowing trees on your property. In addition to tree removal, we offer tree trimming and pruning services on a one time or regular basis, as scheduled.

We want to ensure that your home and family members will not be threatened by trees on your property. Please call us and schedule a tree inspection and assessment appointment today.