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Tree Trimming San Jose

Why Should I Hire A Professional To Trim My Trees?

Your yard and the property surrounding your home is your haven; your outdoor living space. You focus on your landscape keeping weeds to a minimum and mowing the grass on a weekly basis. Although you invest a great deal of time and money into your property’s appearance, you may not always recognize the importance of caring for and maintaining the trees on your property. After all, they are part of the environment and provide a lot of natural beauty.

If you stop and think about it, your trees provide a number of benefits. For instance, some bloom while others produce fruit. Most importantly, they provide oxygen and are therefore beneficial to the environment. To ensure that they remain healthy, and keep providing those benefits, you should care for them by hiring a professional tree trimming service in San Jose. At Bay Area Tree Specialists, pruning and trimming are just two of the many tree care services we provide.

If you may feel that professional tree trimming is something that you can’t afford, think again. The reality is that you can’t afford not to care for your trees. Even though it may cost you a bit initially, keeping them pruned and trimmed pays huge benefits in the long run. If you need a reason to consider hiring our tree trimming services, here is a list of several reasons to do so:

Remember, your trees are beneficial to the environment. Why not let Bay Area Tree Specialists help you maintain their natural beauty with one of our comprehensive 3 or 5-year tree maintenance plans.

Adds life to nearby surrounding plants – In relatively small yards, plant and tree roots will compete for water. Plus, larger trees can block out much need sunlight and hinder air circulation. By hiring Bay Area Tree Specialists to trim and maintain the trees on your property, it provides smaller plants with optimum air circulation, and light access. This enables your smaller plants to grow naturally and thrive in the process.

Enhances flower and fruit production – If your trees bear fruit or blossom, production has the tendency to decrease as trees grow larger. The more branches there are, the smaller the size of the fruit produced on each individual branch. Conversely, trimming your trees forces the growth and nutrients into the remaining larger branches, and causes the blossoms and fruits to grow much larger.

Improves the views from your property – Whether your home overlooks the beach, a historical downtown area, or a valley; a professional tree trimming specialist in San Jose can ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy these vistas. Trees that are overgrown will not only block these aesthetic views, but they will also isolate you from the world around you. Consider tree trimming on a regularly scheduled basis.

Increases curb appeal – When cared for and maintained properly, trees enhance the cosmetic appearance of your property. So when broken or dead branches start to detract from that appearance, it’s time to consider calling Bay Area Tree Specialists. We will gladly inspect the trees on your property and make our recommendations. Trimming keeps your trees healthier and lowers the risk of attracting diseases and insect infestations.

Promotes better tree health – If your trees have diseases infecting them, or insects crawling in and out of their branches, it will shorten their lifespan. Our tree trimming service in San Jose will eliminate dead, diseased, and dying segments of the tree. In turn this promotes better health. Furthermore, branches that are barely attached, or water sprouts, can become safety hazards if the tree is not properly cared for.

Restricts overgrowth – As trees grow larger, they will encounter certain obstacles. The only exception to this is when they are surrounded by an open field, and there is nothing in close proximity to them to hinder their growth. Larger trees oftentimes grow into power lines. In turn, smaller trees can grow into fences that separate your yard from your neighbor’s.

Train your trees –A common misconception is to let trees grow naturally. You’ll keep them in greater shape, and much healthier, by hiring tree trimming services, in San Jose, to maintain them. Professional pruning and trimming ensures that branches will grow with the optimum space in between them. If you have fruit trees, this will enhance production, without breaking or overloading the branches in the process.