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Fremont Tree Care Services

Thank you for visiting Bay Area Tree Specialists, your one-stop provider for all arborist Fremont and tree care services. We offer the most extensive line of tree maintenance services to ensure that your trees are always healthy and look beautiful. Our tree service experts in Fremont have years of combined experience and expertise in several different areas. As highly skilled professionals, we offer the most competitive pricing on tree pruning, tree removal, and tree trimming services in Fremont.

Our specialists will keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy all year while meeting your tree care and maintenance needs. Whether it’s the size of your trees, increasing the amount of light that you receive, opening up views blocked by trees, or preventing tree failure, Bay Area Tree Specialists will meet or exceed your expectations. We understand that many jobs will be conducted in the denser urban communities, but rest assured, we’ll get the job done right without causing any damage to your trees.

We can also provide arborist reports in Fremont if the city or county requires them before we begin working on your property. As your tree service experts in Fremont, you can be assured that all tree care and maintenance projects will be done according to strict industry standards. For more information, call Bay Area Tree Specialists today, and we’ll

What We Do

It’s no secret that trees in the Fremont area and throughout the region have a significant impact on our environment. By maintaining your trees as well as others in the area, we can keep trees looking beautiful and healthy, while improving environmental aesthetics and minimizing the risk to life and property.

  • Vista pruning helps open up views from your home that have been blocked by trees without causing any damage to them
  • Tree planting services ensure proper and safe planting of trees purchased from local nurseries and other suppliers
  • Stump Removal services use grinding equipment to remove tree stumps your property so you can replant more if you want
  • Root feeding and fertilization will improve and maintain the appearance and health of trees as well as any evergreens or shrubs on your property
  • Large or precarious tree removal performed by skilled arborist experts in Campbell using the most up to date equipment to remove trees that have fallen or may still be standing yet pose a serious threat to your home and those living in it
  • End-weight reduction help in the reduction of excess weight at the end of branches and eliminates any risk of them bowing or breaking and damaging your home
  • Crown Reduction eliminates the physiological stress on trees and prevents them from growing into electric or phone lines
  • Aesthetic pruning for shrubs and smaller trees (15 feet tall or less) will enhance the natural beauty of your property and add value to it as well