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Why Should You Have Your Trees Pruned by Professionals?

The planting, care, and maintenance of trees is an exact science that requires a great deal of experience and expertise. Having your trees cared for by a professional tree pruning service, in San Jose, not only improves their appearance, but also makes them healthier and more productive. Furthermore, professional tree pruning enhances their growth and makes them safer. If properly maintained trees can improve the “curb appeal” of your property, it follows that those that are poorly maintained detract from it.

If you want to become the envy of your neighborhood, tree pruning is a key component of that endeavor. Bay Area Tree Specialists can customize a tree pruning schedule that is tailored to the needs of your property. The value of professional tree pruning services cannot be overstated when you consider the benefits that are involved. Here are several reasons to consider hiring our professional tree pruning services in San Jose:

Encourages improved fruit production – No matter what type of fruit trees you have on your property, you can improve their fruit production levels by pruning them on a regularly scheduled basis. You promote better overall tree health by pruning dead limbs. Dead wood increases the susceptibility to disease and insect infestations. It also encourages spur growth; a key factor where the production of fruit, during the following year, is concerned. Ultimately, you’re going to encourage better fruit production if you have your trees pruned on a regular basis.

Enhances the appearance of your property, as well as your trees – It’s a given that pruning can improve the appearance of any tree. Removing dead or diseased branches from the tree, or sections of it that are growing much quicker than others, creates a new look. Basically, you’re giving the tree a cosmetic makeover. Just as good grooming improves a person’s appearance, the same holds true where trees are concerned, since it enhances its shape. This is especially true when you want to improve the aesthetic or curb appeal of your property.

Improving a particular view or vista – A commonly heard term in today’s tree pruning industry is “vista pruning.” This describes a specific form of tree pruning that is done for the purpose of improving the view of a natural structure, such as a lake or valley. Hiring Bay Area Tree Specialists for this type of pruning ensures the removal of branches, or entire trees, which may be blocking a particular view from your property. In most cases, it will take up to 15 years of regular tree growth for these views or vistas to be blocked.

Promotes better tree growth – When you have the Bay Area Tree Specialists prune the trees on your property, they will hold up better against whatever weather Mother Nature sends their way. A professional tree pruning service in San Jose can strengthen the tree’s roots; thereby making the tree healthier and able to hold up better against the harshest of weather conditions. Furthermore, it promotes improved growth, especially of newer branches and shoots.

Removes potentially hazardous branches – Safety is the primary reason for pruning the trees on your property. During high winds and strong storms, dead branches can easily fall and cause costly damage or injuries. Even in ideal weather conditions, these branches can fall and damage property or injure someone. Other examples of branches that can be potentially hazardous include those that are growing over or through power lines; as well as those hanging over your home. Safety problems can also result from a number of other issues such as cankers, cracks in the tree, decay, and poor growth.

Treatment of diseases – Trees are just as susceptible to diseases as humans are. By hiring a professional tree pruning service in San Jose to care for your trees, you can treat these diseases and prevent them from spreading. This also confirms how important tree pruning is, when it comes to promoting better overall tree health.

As your tree pruning experts, Bay Area Tree Specialists will ensure that your trees have the aesthetic appeal that enhances the overall appearance of your property. At the same time, pruning will help in promoting better overall health. For more information regarding our customizable tree care, maintenance, and pruning programs, contact us today.

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