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When it comes to caring for and maintaining the trees on your property, you don’t want to gamble on the safety of your home, and your household members, by just contacting any company that offers tree service in Palo Alto. Contact a Bay Area Tree Specialists today to learn more about our company and our comprehensive line of professional tree services. We are here to help you.

Dispelling the More Common Tree Service Myths

With the exception of firefighting, the military, and police work, there are few professions, if any, that are as dangerous and hazardous as what you find in the tree service industry. The specialists of tree service in Palo Alto utilize some very dangerous tools when working at extreme heights; oftentimes in close proximity to power lines. Suffice it to say, tree service work carries a high risk of incurring serious injuries, and occasionally fatalities. Therefore, it is important to realize how Bay Area Tree Specialists are not only working to protect the health and life of the trees on your property, but also working to help you avoid any potential future liabilities.

Insurance is created equally – Tree industry insurance can be extremely expensive, especially coverage for worker’s compensation claims. Unfortunately, some of the companies that offer tree service in Palo Alto are not covered by the proper amount of insurance. This leaves you unprotected from any liabilities that may occur. Keep in mind that if a lot of money is involved, some of those less reputable companies may attempt to convince you that you are covered. When, in reality, they do not have proper insurance, much less know what is required.

It’s always a good idea to wait a while before fertilizing and pruning your trees – Wait for what? The longer you put off having a professional tree service care for your trees, the greater the risk of them becoming structurally unsound. And, this poses a threat to your home or office, as well as the people on the inside. This is especially true where urban trees are concerned; as they do not receive the proper nutrients from the soils found in metropolitan areas. Trees that are less than vigorous, health wise, invite a variety of diseases and insects onto your property.

One tree service is as good as the next – Talk about a myth. Although this would make your choice a lot easier, you know this isn’t the case. Surprisingly, in some states, if you can spell the word “arborist”, you can become one. Granted, that sounds a bit far-fetched. However, there are some states that simply do not have any requirements for becoming a certified arborist. However, we have some of the most professional arborists on rolls, to help businesses and homes get the professional touch that is needed.

Price is too good to be true – You know that old adage; right? If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Well in the case of tree service pricing, you should always beware of pricing that seems too cheap compared to what you have seen with other candidates. There is always a valid reason for cheap pricing. In most cases, it’s because the company has no insurance, or not enough, or isn’t training their employees properly. Insurance for a tree service in Palo Alto is not a corner that any company can afford to cut; especially if it’s worker’s comp insurance. That is why it is important to work with a company that is licensed, insured and bonded.

Trees will do just as well in my yard as they will in the forest – Nothing could be further from the truth. First and foremost, your backyard is a completely different environment from that of a forest. Forest trees discard their dead or decaying branches. Since there are no people around, no injuries occur when the tree does the discarding of its limbs. When you are out in nature, there is no grass growing on the floor of the forest, nor are there trees growing in grasslands, or on prairies. Tree feeder roots are robbed of nutrients in the soil and water by turf roots. This is why urban trees become a threat to the people and structures nearby.