While exotic plants are more readily available today to purchase, a native plant woven within your landscape can provide balance and overall beauty. These types of plants are also very beneficial for the earth as well.

Here in the Bay Area, we take great pride in our urban forest. And as professional San Jose arborists, we always recommend trees that fit the environment they’ll be growing in. In this way, your trees will enhance your property, increase the value of your home and make for fewer problems as the tree matures.

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Tree diseases can affect both their beauty and the beauty of the environments they are in. Read this article if you want to avoid this happening to the trees in your garden or front yard. You’ll learn about the common afflictions and diseases that trees face.

When you go out into the garden in your backyard or your front yard, you are probably very proud of the trees there. After all, they have a haunting and majestic quality that adds character and beauty to any environment in which they are in. this is especially true of trees that live for several centuries like Sequoia trees. But did you know that trees don’t always look that way? As is the case with all living things, trees can be affected by blight and diseases.

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The winters have been very hard on the regions these last few years, leaving homes damaged by debris that include fallen trees or branches. When it happens, homeowners are in shock to see something so overwhelming. After the storm is gone, clean up begins and this is going to be very costly to someone whether it is the homeowner themselves or the insurance company. What part of this should an insurance company pay for, if any?

After you see a tree fall on your property, or if you had to get a tree cut down, you will normally see the tree stump as the only remaining symbol that a tree once stood there. This stump can stay put for a very long time unless you want to remove it. Let’s face it, stumps are just ugly when left in place. They have no beauty to them, birds cannot build a nest in them, there is no buds growing on them to attract all your local bees, and you have to dodge it when you are mowing the yard.

A homeowner might see a tree stump as nothing more than an unattractive addition to the home’s yard. When viewed in that light, the same stump does not seem deserving of the huge investment required, in order to remove it. Still, numerous problems can be solved by the removal of a single tree stump by a professional Tree stump removal service in San Jose.

The most common mistake that people make when it comes to their gardens and the plants in them is not recognizing the fact that they are actually living things just like humans and their pets. While most individuals are happy to see their plants survive without dying off in the summer heat, here are some suggestions that will not only help them survive the summer months but keep them thriving as well.

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Spring is the best time to prune trees in order to prepare them for the next season of bloom. Pruning during the spring, before everything is blooming, will be a proactive move as a tree owner. This first step of tree maintenance can help in maintaining the overall health and appearance of the tree, not to mention the safety of those who will under or near it.

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Experienced gardeners make a point of using mulch. On the other hand, an inexperienced gardener may feel unsure about what to select as the ideal mulching product.

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