Methods For Dealing With A Tree Stump

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Why should a homeowner go to the trouble of removing a tree stump? It poses a safety hazard. It could become a home for pests, or it could force those using the home’s yard to avoid the tripping hazard that nature had created.

What To Do With Dead Leaves On Lawn

Friday, 12 February 2021 by

Homeowners that tire of looking at dead leaves can rake them up and put them in piles. Years ago, homeowners would burn those same piles, but the laws now prohibit such an activity. Hence, there are places where the collected leaves get sent to a landfill.

Ideally, a tree removal company will agree to provide a prospective customer with a free estimate. At the time that the same customer receives that estimate, he or she should not hesitate to ask a few questions.

What Could Cause Summer Leaf Yellowing?

Wednesday, 03 February 2021 by

Homeowners that live in regions with 4 distinct seasons have grown used to witnessing changes in leaves’ color in early autumn. What can cause concern is the appearance of yellow leaves during the summer.

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Recently, Bay Area Tree Specialists were called on, to take on the monstrous task of felling roughly 1,300 eucalyptus trees and various other varieties that posed a significant fire risk in the Oakland Hills near the UC Berkeley campus. Not only were they felled to lessen the risk of fire, these trees could potentially fall

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As especially large members of the Plant Kingdom, trees require both sunshine and water, in order to grow and develop. For that reason, a smart homeowner should learn the ideal method for watering the tall, branching plants in the home’s yard.

Topping is a term that refers to an attack on a tree’s uppermost branches. It is a process that reduces greatly the height of a towering plant. The branches that extend from the tree’s topmost level get cut off from the rest of the trunk.

No homeowner wants to see a tree in the home’s yard die suddenly. Still, not all homeowners take the time to watch for evidence of a tree’s health problems.

Trees enter a dormant stage during the winter months. Still, their adoption of a dormant stage does not mean that any one of them is sure to survive in the absence of the proper level of care.

Throughout most of the year, trees’ bark serves as a protection. Yet certain spots of bark could exhibit damage, during the winter season.

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