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Tree Pruning Palo Alto

The Need for Professional Tree Trimming Services

Nothing is more aesthetically appealing than a home that is surrounded by well cared for and well-maintained trees. Nothing gives a piece of property more curb appeal than its landscaping and the trees that are planted on it. It not only creates more curb appeal, it adds to the value of the property and creates ambiance. However, as much as trees can be an asset to one’s home and property, they can also become a liability that leads to costly damages and repairs. Therefore, an important step for protecting your home, as well as the people inside it, is hiring a service for tree trimming in Palo Alto, to care for and maintain your trees. At our company, we have an experienced team of tree specialists, including arborists that assure you of knowledgeable expertise at the most affordable prices.

Furthermore, where the care and maintenance of trees is concerned, Bay Area Tree Specialists follows the suggestions made by the US Department of Agriculture. If you prune and trim your trees during the dormant season, especially the period running from late fall through early winter, it will help prevent those unexpected, costly surprises. However, certain unforeseen events can necessitate pruning and trimming at other times of the year such as:


  • Growth of the tree is obstructing pedestrian and vehicle visibility
  • Limbs have fallen onto power lines during a storm
  • Your home, property and vehicles are threatened by the growth of the tree

Tips for Hiring a Tree Trimming Service

Whether you hire our company or have been thinking about another, you will want to ask every candidate the following ten (10) questions:

  • Can I see your credentials?
  • Can you provide me with references?
  • Do you remove live growth from the treetop (this is called “topping”)?
  • Do you use spikes when climbing up my trees to prune and trim them?
  • How long will it take to complete the job?
  • How will you approach the job; what type of equipment will be used?
  • Will I be given a copy of a detailed estimate?
  • Will you provide me with a copy of your insurance certificate, as well as your work contract?
  • Will your crew be wearing protective or safety gear when working on my property (e.g. hardhats, steel-toed work boots, etc.)?
  • (Ask yourself) “Do the employees of this company act and look professional?

Why Should I Trim My Trees?

The importance of tree trimming as a part of your yard maintenance regimen is based on three factors which the US Department of Agriculture list as the following:

Aesthetics – Tree trimming improves the production of flowers and fruit as well as its physical appearance. Plus it adds value to your property while improving its curb appeal. You cannot neglect it at all.

Safety – This is quite possibly the primary reason for pruning and trimming your trees on a regular basis. A tree trimming in Palo Alto service removes dead or diseased branches before they fall. This not only protects your home from damage, but also prevents injuries from occurring to people living in the home.

Tree Health – You can greatly benefit a tree’s overall health by removing any branches that are dead or diseased. Additionally, this encourages the tree to strengthen its core, so it has an easier time of withstanding whatever mother nature throws at it.


It’s safe to say that other than firefighters, military personnel, and law enforcement officers; there is no more dangerous and hazardous job than what you find in the tree service industry. Bay Area Tree Specialists are highly educated and trained in the responsibilities of an arborist.

Offering a myriad of services to suit businesses and homes, we have an excellent team of dedicated tree pruning, trimming and removal crew. They understand all aspects of keeping the trees healthy. It is our constant endeavor to help you get the best help within the shortest time. For more information regarding our tree trimming in Palo Alto services, please contact us today.