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Tree Care & Removal Service Los Gatos

If you’ve recently been thinking that your trees could use some serious TLC but you’re not sure what you need to do, Bay Area Tree Specialists provides an extensive line of arborist services in Los Gatos. Just like your vehicles need preventative maintenance and care, so do the trees on your property. Our services can improve the appearance and health of your trees while extending their lifespan. We always strive to build long-term relationships with commercial and residential customers in order to be a one-stop shop for all their tree service and tree trimming needs in Los Gatos.

The Understated Benefits Of Trees

As human beings, we need nutrients and proper care to stay healthy and extend our lifespan. So do our trees. However, trees provide us with many benefits in return, especially in densely populated urban areas. Tree service needs in Los Gatos know that these benefits include:

  • absorbing and blocking noise (reduces noise pollution)
  • adding natural beauty in rural and urban areas
  • conserving water and reducing soil erosion
  • creating plant diversity and sanctuaries for wildlife
  • improving mental and physical health
  • reducing air pollution by converting CO2 (carbon dioxide) to oxygen
  • saving energy by producing shade around our homes

Our Basic Services

Since establishing our company, we’ve provided Los Gatos commercial and residential customers with our tree care and maintenance services. Our basic arborist services and preventative care in Los Gatos includes:

  • Stump and tree removal services in Los Gatos – our team of experts utilizes the most modern equipment available on the market today to grind and remove tree stumps that are hazardous and in the way. Furthermore, the backfill and chips that result can be used when re-planting trees in that spot later on.
  • Tree planting (installation) – these services ensure that the trees you’ve purchased are planted properly and safely
  • Tree pruning services in Los Gatos – two of the most important services that we provide are tree pruning and tree trimming. These include:
  • Aesthetic pruning – enhances the appearance of shrubs and trees less than 15 feet tall using creative interpretation, horticultural science, and universal design principals
  • Crown reduction – removes the parts of the tree that has grown into phone and power lines or when it has gotten too large for your landscape
  • End-weight reduction – prevents bowing and breaking of larger limbs that have excess weight on the ends and have become hazardous
  • Vista pruning – this type of pruning opens up views across your property and the area surrounding your home that have been blocked by trees

For more information or a FREE tree service estimate in Los Gatos, contact Bay Area Tree Specialists today.