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Fire Mitigation

With the risk of wildfires caused by the accumulation of fire “fuel” in the form of over grown vegetation in combination with unseasonal dry weather conditions, we recommend performing fire mitigation on your property to reduce the risk of fire damage. A combination of eliminating unwanted overgrown vegetation and ladder fuels that can transfer a fire to trees that are in close proximity to your home and trimming these trees for building clearance will greatly reduce the risk of fire spreading to your home.

Fire mitigation reduces fire “fuel” so that fire has with nothing to feed on or transfer to. We recommend the following services to reduce the risk of fire spreading through your property:



In order to maintain the 100-feet of defensible space that is required by law for fire safety, our highly-skilled staff effectively cut brush and grasses back from your home to meet the 100-foot clearance requirement. We will also raise the trees’ canopies to a 10-foot height to reduce ladder fuels to meet the recommendations of the fire departments and Cal-Fire to insure fire safety.

Tree Trimming For Building Clearance

We can trim your trees for building clearance to help reduce the risk of a fire spreading to your home. We will get rid of dead branches, eliminate overgrown conditions and limbs that are too close to your home, that can pose a fire risk. We chip the resulting tree parts, which can be left on-site and used as a mulch as desired.

Weed Abatement

We can perform weed eating or mowing so we can quickly abate your weeds and reduce fire fuel. We can take down waist-high weeds from your property with a process tailored for your unique property conditions using machinery and/or hand-held equipment as your situation requires. We can also remove invasive and contagious poison oak by using our cut-treat method by cutting the poison oak out and applying poison oak killing agent to eradicate your poison oak problem once and for all.

Lot And Land Clearing

We can cut down and remove an overgrowth of foliage, weeds and brush to reduce fire fuel. We will provide the services you require to clean up your property even after multiple years of overgrowth. We have the experience and equipment to handle large jobs on diverse terrain in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Mastication (Mechanical Brush Mowing)

Mastication is done by our state-of-the-art forestry equipment that can mulch tree and brush up to 8” in diameter with unmatched speed and power. Mastication of vegetation to reduce fire fuel over large areas is our recommend approach as property conditions permit.

Brush Removal And Chipping

When faced with steep slopes, rocky uneven terrain or great tree density, situations which are not conducive to mastication, brush must be removed from the ground by hand with proper tools and techniques to reduce fire fuel.