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Mitigate Storm Damage Risk by Hiring a Professional Tree Care Service

Although trees will make your outdoor space aesthetically appealing, while at the same time shading certain areas of your home and yard, they have to be cared for and maintained on a regular basis. This is necessary in order to keep them attractive and healthy. Healthy trees are much safer as well. On the other hand, if you have a tree that is damaged or sick, it can become a liability by posing a threat to your family members, other relatives, and personal friends, as well as the overall structure of the house.

Protect Your Home

In addition to the many services of tree care in Palo Alto that we provide, Bay Area Tree Specialists can help you protect your home. We can customize a care and maintenance schedule that has been tailored to meet your specific needs. Here are some helpful tips that will enable you to mitigate the risk of storm damage occurring to your home.

First and foremost, call us and schedule a tree inspection. You should have a certified tree service professional inspecting your trees on a yearly basis, anyway. So why not start today by calling our company and having one of our specialists come out to your property. An arborist can discover any tree health issues or weaknesses (hidden or visible) that could result in an increased vulnerability to excessive rainfall, heavy snowfall, and strong winds.

In addition to an annual tree inspection, tree care in Palo Alto specialists can assist you in a number of other ways including:

  • Identify the tree species growing on your property – There are certain species that are less resilient than others. However, knowing what types of trees are growing on your property will help us to determine the type of care and maintenance plan you need. Furthermore, this will help you learn what you can do; such as the things that don’t require our assistance. However, if you have queries or questions, we’ll be glad to answer them.
  • Strengthen your trees with regular pruning – There are a number of issues that can potentially weaken a tree. These issues can be alleviated and avoided. Pruning removes hazardous branches while helping to maintain proper spacing and symmetry. Branches that are dead or diseased, as well as those that are weakly attached, should be removed. So keep an eye out for these issues. You can call our professionals and ensure that the trees remain healthy and looking good.
  • Teach the homeowner how to care for their trees – Most individuals know that trees, like plants and shrubs, need nutrients and water to grow and stay healthy. Additionally, you can overfeed and overwater trees as well; which could be just as detrimental to them as a lack of nutrients and water. That is why hiring the services of arborists is important. They can help you identify and care for your trees and plants for best results.

You should also take steps to protect the roots by mulching around each tree. A thin layer of composted matter placed around the roots will help to reduce extreme temperatures and retain moisture. You should also get with your neighbors, if they have tree branches hanging over onto your side of the property line, and vice versa. We can be of assistance and remove the offending branches; giving the backyard or front lawn the right manicured look.

Why a Professional Tree Service?

The importance of hiring a Bay Area Tree Specialists for necessary tree care in Palo Alto cannot be overstated. Especially when you consider the threats to your home and family that a damaged, dead, or sick tree poses. Whether pruning is required or you need to have the tree removed, this is a job that is best left in the hands of a certified professional. When you compare this to other types of careers, this is a job that can be extremely dangerous, and not one that the average homeowner should try to tackle. For more information about our company and the comprehensive line of tree services that we provide, please contact Bay Area Tree Specialists today.

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