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It goes without saying that periods of drought can be especially tough on trees and other plant life. With California, still recovering from one of the worst drought periods in history, trees and water should both be considered two of our most precious resources. However, learning how to be water-savvy can ensure that your trees will continue to survive in all types of climatic conditions. Here are three arborist services’ in San Jose tips for ensuring the survival of your trees during periods of drought.

Basic Questions

There are a number of important factors to consider when protecting your trees from drought conditions. Careful maintenance and smart watering are very beneficial and can be quite cost-effective in the long run. During a drought, consider the following:

• avoid wasting water
• the correct tree watering position
• how deep to water your trees
• how to conserve and recycle water
• the proper amount of water to give your trees
• the right way to water your trees
• the time of day to water your trees

If you’re in doubt about any of the above, be sure to contact your local area arborist service in San Jose for additional information. They would be able to help you with the maintenance and advice on tree care. Whether you need to plant new trees or

Tips for helping Your Trees Survive Drought Conditions

While many people will be enjoying the upcoming summer season, your trees can easily be devastated by the heat if they’re not cared for properly. Here are a few suggestions for keeping them safe and healthy, especially during periods of drought:

• Avoid pruning during the hotter months – the best time of the year to have a local arborist service in San Jose prune your trees is during the dormant season (winter). If you prune branches that are still living, it will hinder the tree’s ability to grow new branches and leaves because it will focus on healing the wounds that result from pruning.

• Mulch the roots – when the temperatures approach triple digits, mulching will help reduce moisture loss. However, DO NOT place mulch against the trunk, as this could have an adverse effect on the tree by preventing oxygen, from getting to the roots and producing excess moisture.

• Protect the tree’s roots, especially during droughts – the best way to do this is by not digging around the roots as well as under the tree’s canopy.

If you have additional concerns regarding the care and maintenance of trees during the summer months, contact your local arborist service in San Jose for more information.