Tree pruning services not only benefit the trees on commercial and residential properties but rental properties as well. Property management companies typically employ a staff of individuals who are responsible for the care and maintenance of the rental properties they oversee. When it comes to the care and health of trees, some companies may have people on staff to handle these responsibilities while others will contract a tree care service to deal with these issues.

Not only does this promote better tree health, it enhances the appearance of the rental property in the process. It also makes the landscaping more appealing and inviting to guests and visitors. The following is a list of the three most important reasons for landlords and property managers for employing or hiring tree pruning services:

Accessibility to parking – in addition to obstructing business signs and the structure, trees growing in parking areas must be cared for and maintained for the purpose of accommodating tenant and guest vehicles. When trees are tall enough an arborist or tree pruning specialist might recommend pruning the branches that are higher up on the tree in order to accommodate taller vehicles and trucks. This is also being done on commercial as well as rental properties.

Building clearance – on many occasions, trees were planted and are growing too close to buildings on rental properties. A clearance of 5 to 10 feet is recommended in these situations. Furthermore, tree pruning services inSan Jose should trim back trees 180° when they are in close proximity to these buildings. This will reduce the overall cost of having to continually trim back branches that could eventually produce what are referred to as suckers. Interestingly enough, the tree appears to be whole from the street but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s only half a tree.

Sign visibility – trees located on rental properties oftentimes block the line of sight from individuals who are looking for those buildings. Landlords and property management companies must take additional precautions to ensure that all that enough of the building is visible so that individuals who are looking for it can find it. Overgrown trees hinder the appearance of the property as it is. However, if the building isn’t visible enough because of that overgrowth, they could lose out on signing prospective tenants.

There are those individuals who will also tell you that tree pruning services San Jose are an art. In other words, you prune trees to produce some type of landscaping effect that is aesthetically pleasing. Herein is the “art” of pruning trees. Additionally, proper tree pruning techniques will enhance the appearance of the tree while extending its lifespan in the process. Finally, it opens up the tree’s canopy to improve air circulation and the penetration of sunlight. It is best to work with a licensed tree removal and trimming service as they have trained staff and requite equipment.