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There may come a time when that favorite tree has seen its better days and now poses a risk to your family, home, and property. There are 7 “red flags” or warning signs that indicate the need for tree removal services in San Jose including:

• Bark that is chipped or peeling
• Branches in the upper crown that appear to be dead or hanging
• Cavities in the larger branches or the trunk
• Cracks in the tree trunk
• Fine twigs at the ends of branches that have no living buds
• Mushrooms or decay-producing fungi growing around the base of the tree trunk
• Soil that is heaved up around the base of the tree trunk

Obviously most homeowners would prefer to save their trees but sometimes, they just have to accept the fact that contacting a tree removal service is the only option. They may not want to get it removed, but it is important for the safety and security of the property and life. Naturally, there are going to be concerns about the costs involved in removing the tree. So if you’re considering having a tree removed from you property, here are 4 factors that will influence the cost of the job:

Equipment required for the job – another aspect that some tree removal services in San Jose will take into consideration is the type of equipment that is required to do the job properly. If a logger is able to scale the tree in order to cut it into pieces, it will probably cost less for a tree removal service to do so.

Height and width – these are two primary factors that can impact the overall cost of having a tree removed. Some tree removal services base their tree removal fees on the height of the tree while others will charge more for the same size tree based on the diameter or thickness of the trunk.

Nearby hazards – conditions around the tree could also influence the cost of removing it. A tree that’s growing on marshy land or sits near power lines poses an additional threat for the company removing the tree. This is why you should have a tree removal service in San Jose to inspect your property and provide you with an estimate of the cost.

Time frame involved – the time frame or urgency involved in removing a tree that has suffered storm damage could increase the cost of removing it, especially if you need it done within 24 hours. After all, tree removal services have schedules to keep and they will have to shift things around a bit in order to accommodate your needs. That is why it is best to contact them as soon as you realize that you have tree care requirements.