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Because they were intended to grow and flourish in a natural environment void of any intervention, it is difficult for certain species to live in a commercial landscape. Hence the need for hiring a tree care service to perform routinely scheduled maintenance on them. Unfortunately, no two tree services in San Jose are ever alike in that some are more experienced and more reputable than others. Improper maintenance can lead to irreversible, permanent damage. As a result, those companies in question commonly make the following mistakes when working on commercial properties.

Equipment and machinery damage – lawnmowers and weed-eaters are common sources of tree damage. When this occurs, the bark and the cambium layer below it can sustain irreversible damage that will negatively impact the flow of nutrients and water throughout the tree. This not only poses a threat to every vital process, it makes it easier for decay fungi and wood-rotting organisms, to gain access to the tree.

Excessive mulching – applying too much mulch is a common mistakes among newer and non-reputable tree services in San Jose. Piling the mulch up around the tree base is referred to as “volcano mulching” and subjects the bark to continuous yet intolerable moisture. This makes a tree susceptible to decay, fungi, and infestations, all of which could eventually lead to its demise.

Improper pruning and trimming – proper pruning will have a positive impact on the appearance of a tree as well as its growth and health. When there is less foliage on the tree, it has a difficult enough time of developing and growing. Improperly pruning and trimming a tree can cause permanent damage that it cannot fully recover from.

Not watering enough or over-watering – any reputable tree service expert or specialist will tell you that this is the quickest way to threaten the health of a tree. Whenever a tree gets too little or too much water, it can lead to reduced photosynthesis which in turn will hinder its ability to grow and survive. No matter how much water it receives, it should match what its specie’s requires and its geographical climate.

Planting too deep – whether you’re planting a sapling or a tree has been growing for 20 years or more, if it was planted too deep, there is an increased risk of developing health problems. Trees were meant to thrive in shallow soils, so they can access the 3 most important elements of survival – oxygen, warmth, and water.

A tree care company in your area will be able to ensure that they fulfill all your requirements with ease. It is essential that you work with a licensed, insured and bonded company that works efficiently.