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While pruning and trimming is best done during dormancy (late winter to early spring), there are circumstances requiring tree removal services in San Jose. Basically, tree removal can be done anytime throughout the year if it is warranted. When temperatures fall dramatically and winter storms are approaching, lifeless branches and limbs can pose a significant threat to your family, home, and property. Although this is primarily a safety issue, here are 5 situations that necessitate removing trees from your property:

Eliminate safety hazards – dying trees and dead branches or limbs pose a serious threat to you, your family as well as your home and property. Furthermore, they can damage power lines and your vehicles. If you notice these issues, your best option is to contact an arborist or tree removal specialist to determine if your tree needs to be braced, pruned, or removed.

Enhances the view of your surroundings – whether you live in town, in the suburbs, or in a more rural area, overgrown branches and unsightly trees can hinder the view you have of your natural surroundings. These eyesores can easily be corrected by hiring a tree removal service in San Jose to do the job.

Impacts driveway, foundation, or sidewalk – with some species of trees, their root zones can extend out beyond the spread of their branches. As the roots grow out from the trunk, they can impair and lift driveways, foundations, and sidewalks, eventually causing extensive damage to these areas of your property.

Improves the appearance of your property – having too much shade or unattractive trees on your property detracts from your curb appeal. While pruning may be the right answer in some circumstances, removing the tree may be necessary in others. This not only improves the appearance of your property, it may increase the value of it as well.

Opens up more space – hiring a tree removal service can improve you and your family’s quality of life, especially if you are planning to clear space for additional amenities such as a room addition, storage shed, or swimming pool. At the same time, tree removal can increase the market value of your property and command a better price should you decide to list your home on the market.

It goes without saying that trees are good for the environment because they replenish the oxygen supply and remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. However, there are times when the removal of them becomes necessary. Dead, diseased, or dying trees can be very unsightly and detract from the appearance as well as the value of your property. More importantly, they can present a number of safety hazards where your family, home, and property are concerned. Don’t put these elements at risk. Hire a tree removal service today to safely eliminate these risks. However, ensure that the company that you intend working with is licensed, insured and bonded.