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As a required maintenance practice among tree pruning services in San Jose, pruning can significantly improve tree health and is essential to its growth and looks. Furthermore, it eliminates dead and dying branches while minimizing the risk of certain hazards such as falling limbs, low-hanging branches, and overall tree failure. Pruning also benefits fruit trees by improving the quality, quantity, and size of the crops it produces.

Although DIY tree pruning sounds tempting because it could save time and money, it is not advisable and should only be done by professionals who have the proper training as well as the right equipment and tools for the job. This is also true because the average homeowner or DIY’er makes the following 6 common tree pruning mistakes:

Failure to clean the area – one of the most common causes of tree pruning accidents is the failure to clean the area where you’ll be working on your trees. For instance, if someone has not left the area, they could easily be struck by falling branches and limbs. This commonly referred to as a “struck by” accident and is the leading cause of fatalities and serious injuries when pruning trees.

Flush-cutting – another serious mistake that DIY’ers tend to make is making flush cuts against the trunk or larger branches of the tree. This can cause a number of serious problems including disease, fungus growth, pests, and uneven bark.

Ignoring safety measures – tree pruning specialists in San Jose have all been properly trained in the latest safety measures to ensure that they are less likely to get injured and cause any damage to your home. Most homeowners lack this type of training and are accidents waiting to happen.

Over-pruning – many DIY’ers have the tendency to be over zealous when it comes to pruning and trimming their trees. A tree pruning service in San Jose will never prune more than 25% of the leaf-bearing crown of a tree, especially if the tree is considerably older than others on your property.

Pruning during bad weather – you’ll never see tree care specialist pruning trees when the weather is bad. There is a much greater chance that you’ll get injured in inclement weather so why risk it. Additionally, it always helps to hire professionals to do this job as it is tedious and requires commercial grade equipment.

Using dull tools – old, overused tools are never sharp enough to make a clean cut when pruning a tree. This not only hinders the healing process, it also makes the job more physically challenging and frustrating. When the professionals work on the tree pruning, they ensure that all the tools are sharp and quick to use while adhering to safety norms.