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Here in the Bay Area, we take great pride in our urban forest. And as professional San Jose arborists, we always recommend trees that fit the environment they’ll be growing in. In this way, your trees will enhance your property, increase the value of your home and make for fewer problems as the tree matures.

Trees are Living Things With Individual Needs

Like any other living thing, trees have their own needs when it comes to thriving. Regardless of how much you love the look of a tree, if it won’t thrive here, it will cause safety hazards and a variety of other issues throughout its life.

Assessing Your Site

Our diverse climate offers a desirable opportunity for a broad variety of trees to thrive. That said, any tree that you plant will need to be tolerant of many differing environmental conditions.

Will it Thrive in Our Microclimates?

A combination of ocean and bay moisture combined with our urban heat islands and unique terrain creates a variety of what we like to call our microclimates or pockets of very different and highly changeable weather. Consequently, it’s important to consider how a tree will thrive in the unique microclimate it is planted in and how flexible it is to changing weather.

Important Variables

As experienced San Jose arborists, we have seen far too many problems with trees that have been planted in less than ideal environments and have then struggled to grow into healthy, mature trees. Before planting a tree, we always consider these 6 variables on an individual basis to ensure the best environment for the tree:

● Soil — Does the soil you are planting the tree in have the correct composition to nourish it and be compatible with healthy growth? What is the pH level?
● Competition — How much space is there and what is the proximity to other trees and structures to ensure that the tree gets enough sunlight and air?
● Grade — Will the slope of the landscape affect the tree’s ability to get enough water and nutrients?
● Exposure — Will the tree get the right sun and wind exposure to ensure its health without too much stress from the elements?
● Water — What access will the tree get to natural water sources? Irrigation? Is there ample drainage?
● Adequate post-planting care — Especially when a tree is new, adequate watering is essential. But throughout its life, the proper care of a tree will require consistent pruning, fertilizing, mulching and staking to ensure that it will be healthy throughout its lifetime.

Planting any new tree on your property should be considered carefully for all these factors. If you do, you are setting your new tree up for success and health throughout its life.

Call a Professional

When helping you choose a tree for the bay area, a tree professional should always help you consider how it fits this important criteria. If you need professional assistance, the experienced San Jose arborists at Bay Area Tree Specialists are here to help. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with any of your tree planting, trimming or tree removal needs.