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Delivery of an adequate level of care can increase the chances for a given tree’s survival.

Simple tasks

Clean out the region around each tree. Remove any unwanted debris, such as sticks, leaves, fruit or seedpods. You might want to sort out the debris. The leaves could be mixed with grass to form mulch. Maybe you could use some of the fruit. Perhaps you want to try planting some of the seedpods.

Look for any signs of pest activity. Do not let any pest try to use the young tree as a food source.

Take down any decorative lights; do not let them stay tied around the trunk or branches.

Be a good gardener.

Arborist in San Jose will ask you to put mulch on the ground around the trunk of a young tree. When gardeners perform that task, each of them makes a point of creating a mulch layer that is 3 to 4 inches thick.

Be sure that no mulch touches the tree’s trunk. Remove from the ground any plantings that could steal the nutrients from the mulch. That would include things like grass or weeds.

Set up a watering schedule. Do not flood the tree; arrange to have it watered slowly, so that the clear liquid gradually sinks into the soil.

If you plan on staking the tree, seek help from an arborist. That way, you should be able to create a staking setup that can work to get your young plant growing straight up, as nature intended.

If the arborist pays a visit to your home in the autumn, take advantage of that opportunity. Discuss any concerns you might have about caring for your sapling during the coming winter months.

Find out how you might be able to cover that same sapling during any nights when the temperatures might drop below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Discover what materials you ought to purchase now, before it becomes quite cold.

If the arborist’s suggestions have included a reference to creation of a tent, be sure that you understand how to limit the amount of weight that could fall on the branches. Do not hesitate to ask questions, if you do not understand the reasoning behind a certain instruction.

Maybe you got this piece of advice: Do not use plastic.

What should you use? You might inquire about the wisdom behind using mesh or burlap. Those feature a quality known as breathability. Trees carry out a respiration process, as well as photosynthesis.

The gardener ought to make sure that any tree has the ability to carry out both processes. Arborists should stand ready to guide you, as you seek to develop the skills of a good gardener. Welcome and give thought to their advice.