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Someone that plants a tree hopes that it will grow. For that reason, a proper planting procedure should be used.

How to look for the ideal location

Make sure that the tree will receive plenty of sunshine. If possible, place it away from any large amount of foot traffic. Do not consider a rocky area, because it would be hard to dig a hole in such rocky soil. On the other hand, do not pick a spot that could get flooded, following a heavy rain.

If you follow the direction given in the next step, you do not need to worry a great deal about how closely the soil in any considered spot matches the soil in which the root system had been resting. Once you have chosen the location, proceed with the next step.

How to prepare a spot

Arborist in San Jose knows that the tree service will need to dig a hole that is 3 times the size of the tree’s roots. Try to create a hole with sloping sides. Make sure, too, that it is deep enough to enclose the root system.

How to transport the tree that will be planted in the ground

Keep the soil on the roots. If the roots have formed a circle at the bottom of the root system, then cut them by making an X. Failure to follow the simple step given above could cause the death of the new planting.

Planting process

Place the tree in the middle of the hole. Use the soil to keep it in an upright position. Then proceed to add soil to the hole. Be sure to pack it firmly, so that there are no pockets of air. Fill the hole with soil until that same soil has become level with the tree’s root collar.

How to care for a newly planted tree

• Create a basin around the tree; it does not have to be deep.
• Fill that basin with water, and let the water soak into the ground.
• Once the water has been absorbed by the soil, put mulch around the tree’s base.
• Make a point of keeping the mulch and the soil moist, but do not allow them to become waterlogged.

A precaution to consider

If there is lots of foot traffic in the area, then it might be a good idea to place a barrier around the spot with the new planting. The tree’s growth could be slowed by the pressure of feet that have chosen to tread on the spot with the basin.

For a very small tree, it would be best to protect it with a type of cage. There are special cages that can go over a small plant/tree, and can be easily lifted off of that same plant.