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A beautiful property can influence the decision that might be made by a potential buyer. In other words, well-placed trees and bushes add value to a professionally landscaped piece of land.

Homeowners that intend to put more trees in a home’s yard should learn what type of tree would grow best in that same yard.

• What amount of space would a grown tree take up?
• What amount of space exists in the spot that a tree’s branches could one day occupy?
• How might a given type of tree affect a neighbor’s property?
• What challenges could slow the growth of any plant that might seek to grow in ground surrounding the homeowner’s residence?
• Could that challenge be frequent drought, rocky soil, acidic or alkaline soil, or ground that does not drain well?
• Could it be the threat of high winds, wildfires or floods?

What are the significant man-made features in the same space, the one with the identified challenges?

• During what part of the day does any man-made feature limit the amount of sunlight that hits any plant growing in the soil?
• Are there any man-made structures, such as a sidewalk, that could hinder the growth of a plant’s roots?
• Should the trees’ branches be as far as possible from any utility wires?

What goal does the homeowner hope to achieve, by adding to the number of trees in the yard around the family’s residence?

• Have family members expressed a desire for more privacy?
• Has one or more person indicated that he or she feels that a dash of color would make the yard more appealing?
• Has anyone shown an interest in creation of more shaded spots within the yard’s confined space?
• Has anyone made mention of a desire to enjoy the availability of certain fruits or nuts?
• Has there been any talk about creating some type of walkway, perhaps one with a natural archway at its entrance?
• Is it possible that a tall plant with a trunk and branches might be placed in a spot where a stump has been removed?
• Is someone dreaming about the existence of a swing, one that could be hanging from a sturdy branch?

Would satisfaction of the maintenance requirements for any planted trees be assured?

You will need to see that each of them gets watered regularly and undergoes a thorough Tree pruning in San Jose at the proper time of year. Additionally, you will need to see that the time and resources be set aside for ensuring completion of any needed trimming chores.

Changes might need to be made, if water coming from the gutter’s drainpipe were to flood some area at any tree’s base and provide safety of the tree’s young roots as they are struggling to grow.