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Storms can be devastating for a region’s tree population. One storm is enough to take down many trees and require even more to be removed during the aftermath. However, while some trees are too damaged to be saved, there are others who can fully recover after a careful trimming. Though despite this being the case, there are also healthy trees that are removed by people afraid of property damages or possible harm to passing people.If you wonder how you can make the right call between tree trimming and tree removal after a heavy storm has blown through, read on.

When can the crown be restored?

In the aftermath of a heavy storm, a big portion of trees have great potential to recover fully. All it takes is some careful pruning and then they can soon reclaim their structural integrity and continue to grow as if they had never been damaged.The craft of crown restoration is used on trees that have either been damaged by storms or by bad pruning methods.

Its purpose is to restore balance to the tree’s crown so it can continue to grow in a proper manner. This makes it the best option for ensuring a tree’s survival and recovery after heavy damages.In order to determine whether your tree can be saved in the aftermath of a heavy storm, you will need to contact an experienced arborist in San Jose who can come in and assess your tree.

How does crown restoration work?

The Tree Pruning in San Jose is done by removing and cutting back the damaged branches, the remaining branches will receive more nutrients which will allow them to grow sturdier. Additionally, hazard like hangers will also be removed which significantly reduces the risk of limb failure. With exposed branches being reduced, balance will be reintroduced to the crown which makes for a healthy tree with great chances of an extended life.

Additionally, a properly thinned crown will reduce the chances of ice accretion and reduce the impact of wind-sail due to the significantly lowered wind resistance the crown can now pose. It should also be noted that, even after the tree has recovered, pruning should be made into a yearly routine in order to limit the growth of suckers and maintain a structurally sturdy tree.

When do I need to remove my tree?

We consider tree removal to be no more than a last resort for a fatally wounded tree that poses as a threat to its surroundings. Additionally, you can call in the tree care services and have the tree evaluated. The company would be able to tell you what best to do.