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A stump can be ground down using a circular saw called a stump grinder. The grinder claws away at the remains of a tree that has been cut down.

What happens to the wood chips that are created by the grinding process?

Some of those should prove effective as mulch. Others could be used to fill the hole that remains, following the stump’s removal.

What should homeowners know about grinders?

Each of those machines is heavy, and each one of them produces flying debris. Still, there are different types of grinders. Tree stump grinding service in San Jose knows the importance of working on such jobs.

How many different grinders are there, and do any of them have unique characteristics?

The hand-guided ones are portable. Those go by other names, such as the walk-behind grinder and the handle bar (grinder). The rear-hitched ones have wheels. Any one of them could be attached to a truck or a trailer.

Some of them take riders. Each of the riding type looks like a small tractor. Some have an interesting name, skid strip. Each of those has treads, like the ones found on a tank. All of the above should be used by a tree care professional.

What situations could prove a challenge to any of the grinder-types in the above list?

A stump in a hard-to-reach spot, one that might require utilization of a portable machine. Those work best with smaller stumps. A larger one that rose from the ground in a hard-to-reach location would prove a challenge.

A location where the objects in the stump’s surroundings were composed of concrete, or other hard material; that would be the situation, if the city had cut down a tree, one with roots that had lifted the sidewalk. The city might need to use special equipment, for prying out and lifting the stump’s remains.

The above situation would probably rule out utilization of a skid strip grinder. That grinder’s treads would no doubt have the ability to tear up any sidewalk that was supposed to remain intact, following completion of the removal operation.

Stumps located in a region close to other trees could prove a problem. An arborist would not want to harm any of the other trees. Emergency Tree Service in San Jose would feel reluctant to create noise and flying debris, which could scare any wild animals in the area.

If a stump’s location was in the proximity of buildings, that could make its removal difficult. That would certainly be true, if there were people living or working in those same buildings. Any flying debris could pose a danger to anyone leaving or entering one of the buildings.