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Tree Removal Palo AltoBay Area Tree Specialists is a fully equipped company with experienced staffs who are specialized in caring and handling trees. Currently, we offer our services in San Jose and Palo Alto cities. Our long term dominance in the industry has nourished us with enough knowledge and experience in offering tree services for both home owners and businessoffice apartments.

At Bay Area Tree Specialists, we understand that emergency tree services do occur. It’s by this in mind that we have opened our emergency tree service unit which is readily equipped and standby to serve you whenever the occurrence, 24×7. If by accident a tree fell over your house, attending to a tree damaged by a storm or removing a large fallen tree which exposes more danger to people amongst many others, don’t panic. Just contact our customer care unit and our staffs will be there in no time to attend to your emergency. Our experts have experience in assessing and determining the course of the tree damage and they will also clean up the entire area and repair any damage that may have occurred.

Our tree service San Jose and tree service Palo Alto are one of the best tree services in these two cities. Our professionally trained and experienced arborist ensures that your trees are in good health. We do these by examining your trees frequently to ensure that it’s free from any diseases and if it’s affected, then the necessary actions are taken immediately to handle the case. Soil and root being the strong hold and foundations of any tree to sprout, will also be well taken care of by our tree care San Jose and tree care Palo alto experts in order to ensure that your tree(s) grow to a desired quality. In addition to these services, our team will also inspect the trees for you and give you suggestions on ways of improving your trees, safety.

Our tree removal San Jose and tree removal Palo Alto cannot be compared by any other tree servicing company in these regions. We will tailor the removal process to suit your suggestions and to the quality and best interests of your trees. Our company is equipped with appropriate machines, equipment and trucks to ensure that we offer quality service to our clients. We will ensure that the stumps are removed to ground level and also advise you on the necessary replacement procedure for a new tree if there is a need.

Properly pruned and trimmed trees always live longer and can withstand strong wind current. Tree trimming San Jose and tree trimming Palo Alto ensures that your trees are trimmed to suit your standards and suggestions and also to ensure fresh circulation of fresh air and sunlight to the underlying parts of the trees.

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