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There’s no way to substitute water with a plant. While there are so many ways to give plants and trees vitamins and nourishment, nothing can compare to the value of plain ol’ water.

Trees especially need water when the weather is dry, especially if it is going to be dry for an extended period of time. Landscape trees are vital to the look and feel of a home and water is very important to ensure that those trees maintain their health and look as good as they should at all times.

The amount of water you will need to provide for your tree will depend on a few factors; age, species, the time of the year it is, the weather climate for your area, and the soil type. It’s a simple rule to follow, trees that are newly planted and young trees need more water frequently. Older more established trees do not need watered as much or as often.

Watering Newly Planted Trees

For a few months after planting a tree, you want to make sure that the tree roots stay moist and never have the opportunity to dry. The root ball should always be surrounded by moist soil to encourage growth of the root. After you have taken care of it for a few months, you can water a wider area underneath the tree in order to ensure overall health.

Watering Established Trees

If you have had your tree for several years, you will want to only water around the tree and no directly around the trunk otherwise, this could begin the rotting of the roots.

Know When to Water

The best way to tell if you need to water your tree is to take a screwdriver that is longer than eight inches and poke it directly down into the soil. If you cannot go all the way down with the screwdriver, then the dirt is most likely very dry toward where the screwdriver stopped.

How to Apply Water

There is a correct way to apply water to a tree when it is planted. The most successful way as per Tree Care in San Jose is to provide more of a sprinkle around the tree instead of holding the water at one location near the trunk. When you sprinkle the water around the tree, the water has more of an opportunity to travel to a variety of roots underneath the soil.

In the end, its important that you remember that your tree is beautiful and is a part of your landscape. You want to nourish it and take care of it throughout its lifetime in order to reap the benefits. Not only will you receive plenty of shade when its hot outside, you will also receive oxygen from them as well.