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It is fascinating, how trees can grow so fast, so big, and yet we never really notice their slow increase in height. The thick trunks and sprawling canopies can be beautiful to look at, but eventually, they can also become a danger when branches start approaching power lines or closing on the neighbor’s property or the own house’s window.To prevent such things from happening, there are techniques available, but they take thoughtful planning and a lot of patience to execute.

Pruning Can Only Do So Much

While pruning can be a good way of determining shape and avoiding limb failure, it can only do so much in regards of limiting your tree’s height, especially if it has already matured. While young, well executed pruning can keep your tree smaller, though only through regular maintenance. However, mature trees on the other hand, will suffer from severe pruning since its energy reserves has dwindled and grown back limbs will be significantly weaker.

What To Watch Out For During The Pruning Process

The general rule of thumb is to never remove more than twenty percent of your tree’s canopy. Anything more than that could send your tree into a downward spiral that may end in its ultimate demise. Because of this, it is vital for you to set a plan in motion in collaboration with an experienced arborist. Over the course of about three years, you can shorten your tree significantly without causing any permanent damage.There is a well-established method going by the name of drop crotch pruning which, together with crown reductions, can lead to a large tree surviving in a small space. However, this method needs to be applied by a specialist, especially if a ladder is necessary to reach the high limbs of your tree.

In Conclusion

It is possible to shorten trees, or limit the height of the three, but the execution can be risky and dangerous for both tree and person if done by an amateur. Furthermore, mature trees are at a higher risk of dying as a result of severe pruning, whereas younger trees and samplings will undergo a pre-planned routine from the start which will boost their chances of growing strong and healthy. Finally: the best way of having a tree of the right size on your property is simply purchase a tree with the right size for your property and plant it in the desired location.

Tree Pruning services in Palo Alto work to ensure that all trees get the right amount of trimming and pruning at the right time, as tree growth differs. When you have professionals looking after the trees, you can relax.