Recently, Bay Area Tree Specialists were called on, to take on the monstrous task of felling roughly 1,300 eucalyptus trees and various other varieties that posed a significant fire risk in the Oakland Hills near the UC Berkeley campus. Not only were they felled to lessen the risk of fire, these trees could potentially fall

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As especially large members of the Plant Kingdom, trees require both sunshine and water, in order to grow and develop. For that reason, a smart homeowner should learn the ideal method for watering the tall, branching plants in the home’s yard.

Topping is a term that refers to an attack on a tree’s uppermost branches. It is a process that reduces greatly the height of a towering plant. The branches that extend from the tree’s topmost level get cut off from the rest of the trunk.

No homeowner wants to see a tree in the home’s yard die suddenly. Still, not all homeowners take the time to watch for evidence of a tree’s health problems.

Trees enter a dormant stage during the winter months. Still, their adoption of a dormant stage does not mean that any one of them is sure to survive in the absence of the proper level of care.

Throughout most of the year, trees’ bark serves as a protection. Yet certain spots of bark could exhibit damage, during the winter season.

On rare occasions, bark loss might occur suddenly. That is what happens when lightning strikes a tree. As a rule, however, vanishing bark reflects the existence of a problem that has gone undetected.

Because it deals with a plant part that stays largely hidden underground, roots’ development remains an area of ongoing study for botanists. Some of the scientists that specialize in plants work to learn when and how roots grow best.

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The care given to a lawn during a drought should reflect an understanding of one basic fact. The blades’ lack of development does not signal a loss of the capacity to live.

Shrubs can serve as a means for dividing up sections of a yard, or for separating two different yards. Yet that natural barrier loses its appeal if the shrub’s leaves turn brown.

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