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In the greater San Jose, it’s not uncommon to find insect activity associated with trees that are indigenous to this area. Most of the insects that we find are not harmful and it’s usually pretty easy to maintain a natural balance by controlling them. However, when certain pest populations are left unchecked, it poses a serious threat to the health of the tree. When that happens, you have to consider certain treatment options.

Not only is it important to identify what type of pest it is, you have to know what species of tree it is as well. In these cases, IPM or Integrated Pest Management is the most common course of action that tree care services in San Jose take. On the other hand, if the treatment eliminates the different predators that feed on the pests, their populations could explode and be more difficult to eradicate in the long run.

The Importance of large Tree Pest Control

Dozens of insect species have been known to live around, in, or on the many varieties of trees found in San Jose and the surrounding areas. While many pest varieties are harmless, there are just as many others who do. In some cases, the damage is fatal and the tree cannot be saved no matter how effective a tree care treatment in San Jose is.

There are three categories of insects that can be very harmful to trees and cause a lot of damage to them in the process:

  • boring insects
    chewing insects
    sucking insects

With the proper care and maintenance of trees, you can have a positive impact on their life expectancy and overall health. In the greater San Jose area, there are 4 different pests that pose a serious threat to our tree populations:

  • Asian Long-horned Beetle
    Emerald Ash Borer
    Winter Moth
    Woolley Adelgid

Residents who are concerned about the health and life of their trees should rely on the services of an arborist or a tree care company in San Jose. These professionals will inspect your shrubs and trees, diagnose the type of pest or pests that are attacking your trees, and recommend the proper treatment solution to protect these plants.

Treatment Methods

Every San Jose tree care service has a common goal – to keep your shrubs and trees healthy with preventative care and maintenance. In most cases, the following insect control methods are recommended:

  • addressing or changing mulch issues
    altering irrigation
    applying spray treatments
    planting depth
    pruning and trimming

Tree care services in San Jose can reach the tops of larger trees because they have the equipment to do so. Furthermore, they will use organic treatments, pesticides, and sprays when necessary in order to treat a wide range of shrub and tree-attacking pests.