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Tree pruning has a multitude of benefits for the health of your tree and your own safety. During the process dead branches are removed, the structural integrity is strengthened, storm damages are addressed, and the growth of new and strong limbs is encouraged.

Now that we have established the benefits, it is time to figure out what the best time is for a pruning to be performed. In order to determine this, you will need to figure out why your tree needs a pruning. Because, while a general pruning can be performed whenever, other causes and reasons will require the consideration of the right time of year, by the tree pruning services in Palo Alto.

When is it best to schedule a pruning in the fall?

During late fall and winter, trees will lay dormant which means all the leaves will be gone and every branch will be clearly visible. Because of this, structural pruning is best scheduled during fall. When done properly, such a pruning will allow for beautiful new growth during the spring time. Fall bloomers as well are best pruned during the fall since it will allow for new blooms in the coming year.

When should I schedule the pruning for winter?

There are certain diseases which will spread recklessly to freshly pruned trees. That is, unless the pruning is taking place during the winter months while trees lay dormant and insect infestations don’t pose a threat. Despite this, the pruning should still wait until the harshest parts of winter have passed in order to avoid drying out the fresh cuts. A diseased or dried out tree is also best pruned right before the first leaves are about to grow. This will ensure that only the healthiest of the leaves will grow from non-diseased branches.

When is it best to schedule a spring pruning?

Pruning in the springtime is mostly the norm for fruit trees since it encourages a stable shape and new growths. This will also allow for a balanced crown and strong enough limbs to carry the weight of heavy fruits. It should also be mentioned that there are certain species who will require pruning after the blooms were already dropped. You might want to consult an arborist to get the details on the tree types.

When should I schedule the pruning for summer?

Depending on your tree’s species, it may be best to prune during the summer in order to avoid the browning of its foliage during summer time which is associated with spring pruning for some species. Sometimes, it is also easiest to remove dead wood during this season.