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Various events could cause a tree to lean: severe storms, high winds or heavy precipitation. Regardless of the cause, the method for dealing with that problem should ensure success to any homeowner that has chosen to use it.

Rules to follow when staking a tree

• These rules offer details on a method that is best used on younger trees.
• Do not keep the stake in place for more than one growing season.
• The suggested length for each stake is 5 feet.
• All stakes should go at the edge of the planting hole, and each of them should be upwind of the tree.
• Attach the guy rope to the stake, and not to the tree’s trunk.
• Use cloth or rubber when linking the any 2 sections of the guy rope.

How to deal with uprooted trees

Most of the trees don’t always stand straight. For that reason, the Tree Service in San Jose have methods for dealing with straightening trees. Check to see how much of the root system remains in the ground. If less than 1/3 of that system remains covered with dirt, then there is no point to proceeding with the next suggested steps in the straightening method.

Although it might seem odd, the next step calls for removal of any soil on the exposed roots. Once that task has been completed, the time has come for placement of the tree’s entire root system in the ground.

Once that system has been placed in the ground, the next step calls for an examination of the trunk’s position. Is it straight? If not, then an effort should be made to straighten it. That effort might involve placement of dirt in specific sections of the root system, in order to reposition that same structure. That is the structure that must draw water and nutrients from the ground, and send them to the tree’s other sections.

What would happen if a tree were uprooted completely and then taken to a new spot, where an effort was made to replant it?

A group of tree care services in Iran has provided the world with the answer to that question. Some trees were in a region that was suffering a drought. Some supposed experts thought it would be a good idea to transplant the water-deprived plants to a region with lots of water.

Those same “experts” then supervised an operation in which selected trees were pulled out of the ground, roots and all. Then the exposed root systems were transported to the area with a decent amount of water. Unfortunately, the trees’ lifetime had been cut short by the incorrect method that had been used to move each one of them.