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When a tree grows in the forest, it will have few, if any, low hanging branches since these trees compete with each other for the sunlight. In comparison, a free-standing tree in your yard is free to grow wide and nourish even its lowest of branches. However, this comes with a price. A tree with a wide crown, with many limbs, and with heavy low reaching branches will be less stable and weaker than a tree in the wild without such features.

How do these features develop?

Defects like the above mentioned develop early on, shortly after the tree has been planted. And without proper structural pruning, these features will become more and more enhanced which can pose a threat to property and person, since an unstable tree is quick to drop limbs during heavier winds. This is why calling on the Tree Pruning service in Palo Alto becomes important.They understand all aspects of tree care and associated services which can be handled by professionals.

What is structural pruning?

If you want to ensure that your tree grows up to be save for people and property to be around, you will want to invest in scheduled structural pruning. This is a method of removing limbs in a way that will ensure that your tree grows in a shape that supports its stability and keeps it healthy at the same time.It should be noted that this may be optional for a tree that grows at the center of your property, but if yours is position along a sidewalk or near your neighbor’s property, it is an absolute must. An unstable tree could cause severe death and damage to property and person, and if anything were to happen, the blame would lie with you, as the owner of the property the tree was growing on.

What happens if my tree doesn’t undergo structural pruning?

The most common consequences include breaking and falling limbs, as well as the total loss of the tree. Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen to trees who cannot weather a storm. Oftentimes, this will even happen without prompting. Especially in urban landscapes, where the youngest of trees can already be found to have developed crowns with a poor structure, or two codominant trunks which have already begun to split down the center.

While this may not seem like such a big deal with young trees, as they grow it will quickly become apparent how dangerous this is. After all, a larger tree will grow heavier limbs which will reach further up and thus be exposed to heavier winds along a greater surface. This can quickly lead to the breaking and falling of limbs.