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Before you ever sign a contract, the majority of arborists and other tree-care professionals will decide alongside you how to best remove the stump. However, there are often people who find themselves baffled when they realize that the money they paid for tree removal services doesn’t include the removal of the stump. Because of this, many simply leave the stump be, no matter how unfortunately placed it may be.

Why should you remove it?

First of all: it doesn’t look too good. Unless you have a particular design to your garden, it will most likely look completely out of place and can even lower the curb appeal of your entire property. Not to mention that it takes up space where you could be planting a new tree or vegetable garden or simply have more lawn space.

They can also pose a trip hazard, especially for children, and pose a threat to lawnmowers and landscapers since the roots will still be buried underground. This can cause damage to equipment and person. There are also multiple animals which love to make a home for themselves in old tree stumps. Species of rats, mice, snakes and insects could spread out from there to your entire property which can be pricey to have someone put a stop to.

And how do you get rid of it?

If we are taking basics, there are only two ways in which you can get rid of the stump, starting with a so-called Stump Grinder.This fascinating piece of technology is made up of a rotating wheel or disc covered in sharp blades that gnaw away at the stump until there is nothing left. There are professionals who will do this for you, but you can also rent a grinder and get your hands dirty as you get the job done by yourself. Be sure to wear safety gear if you choose to handle the Stump Grinder by yourself to prevent injury, such as sawdust or sharp pieces of wood getting in your eye and potentially blinding you.

The second method used by Tree Removal Company in Palo Alto would be mechanical removal. This simply means grabbing any kind of tool you have at hand, whether that be a chainsaw or pick ax or garden hoe, and attacking the stump with everything you’ve got. This can take a while since you’ll have to dig up and sever the roots as well, but it’s also much more cost effective.To make the right call for your stump removal, you can dial up arborist consultants who will go through the options with you.